2006: Howard and Beth vs Homeless Guy

Howard Stern got the scare of his life when a crazed fan spit in his girlfriend’s face and threatened both of them on an upper West Side street.

But a frightened Stern quickly turned crimefighter, helping cops nab the screaming, arm-waving lunatic, the sources said.

Stern, who is regularly approached by friendly fans on the street, was particularly shaken by the “deranged” man’s angry outbursts, a source close to the radio host said.

His nerves, however, were calmed by a dozen or so cops who sped to the scene.

3 thoughts on “2006: Howard and Beth vs Homeless Guy”

  1. more interesting news story would be about: Jackie’s ex-wife coming on stern for a dating game. What kind of a person would do that? She must be really pissed at Jackie about something.

  2. He wasn’t a hero in the heat of the moment, and what kind of police force has a dozen or so cops on the sidelines waiting to serve the ultra rich?

  3. thats the art of story telling, only about 50% of what he said is probably the truth.

    Just like all those stupid product, movie, and show mentions he does during the show. Ofcourse, he is getting paid by the companies to incorporate them in his shows. Anyone seen the dickhead benjy’s twitter page profile pic?


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