Artie Lange coming to TV on August 12th

The Nick and Artie Show gets a new studio, designed by the Man Caves show, a DIY Network program hosted by “licensed contractor” Jason Cameron and former NFL lineman Tony Siragusa that helps domesticated men turn a part of their homes into man-friendly hangouts.

Construction on that space finished two weeks ago, and The Nick & Artie Show is set to move in by the end of the month.

The new studio has all the trappings of a testosterone-laden man cave.

“They set it up so they have foosball games, a full kitchen, all this jazz,” said someone familiar with the studio’s design.

“It was an interesting deal,” said Mr. Peters. “[The space is] obviously a unique use, and that posed some unique challenges.”

The space will be used to both film and record Messrs. Lange and DiPaolo during their late-night show, which airs from 10 P.M. to 1 A.M.

They are going to launch the television part of the show on August 12th.

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  1. Awesome news! I occasionally watch the Dan Patrick & Tim Brando shows on tv & would love to catch some Nick & Artie too. Do we know what channels they will appear on though?


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