Artie Lange: “Howard Stern Hates My Guts”

Artie Lange was interviewed by Maxim magazine last week. He spoke about his relationship with Howard Stern after leaving the show.

What is your current relationship with Howard Stern like?

Artie Lange 2016After I left the show, I went into intensive care for four days. Then I went to a psych ward for three days, and then I got transferred to a rehab. About two weeks after it happened, I got a call at rehab from Howard, and it was very nice. I called him when I got out of rehab, and he called me back. That was in February of 2010. He told me to call back and let him know how I was doing. I took it to mean that maybe they wanted me back as a guest or just to give an update, and I thought I owed them that. I called them about a month later in March 2010. Then I called again and left a message and apologized and said, “This is the last time I’m calling, I won’t bug you any more. Never heard back.

A year and a half later, my book was coming out. I didn’t wanna call them, but I was being respectful of a company, Random House, paying me big cash to write a book. I said, “I’ll at least try.” Just to be a guest on the show and talk about the book, which every fan on Twitter was begging to happen. [Stern show producer]Gary [Dell’Abate] calls back a day later and he says, very coldly, “It’s just not going to happen.” And I regret that I gave him the chance to say that, because I didn’t even want to make the call. I said, “OK” and hung up.

Unbeknownst to me, the book company tries to buy ad time on the show, and this is when I really knew I was persona non grata. Ad sales never turns down anything. It could be dick cream. Random House was gonna pay top dollar, and they turned them down. That’s the first time I ever heard them doing that. Spincterine, where you put a mint in your ass to make it smell better? They took an ad for it. My book, which was No. 1 on the best seller list, they wouldn’t do it because Howard put the kibosh on it personally. I said, “The guy hates my guts.” I wrote him off the way he did me. I really wanted to have that long conversation in person where I said, “I’m sorry for becoming a heroin addict. We were doing great for 7 years. I apologize for that last year when I was a junkie.

The fact that someone I had that relationship with won’t see me in person for ten minutes, it’s astonishingly immature and crazy. It’s surreal to me. – Arite Lange

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  1. Poor Artie…. Waaaa, Artie is very much missed on the show by all the fans.He was, and still is a comic genius. In my opinion it is simply that Howard does not understand addiction? He does not have the education or experience to understand that it is a mental health problem? I am sure he thinks Artie had the world by the balls,big shows big money and work on the number 1 radio show ever. He obviously has no time or patience for someone who would waste it. Artie needed to get help a long time ago. He should have been more honest with Howard and his fans, and more honest with himself. I like millions of other people love Artie and his talent.I am sure he will once again be on top. But please don”t blame other people for your fuck up.

  2. I’m sympathetic to Artie’s problems and I wish him the best but I don’t think Howard is the villain here. (Although I’m sure he’s a douche in many aspects.)

    Another thing to contemplate is the tale Artie is spinning is here is his alone. He’s telling a one-sided story that makes him look troubled-but-honest and good natured while making Howard out to be the aloof uncaring star asshole.

    Find me another good-natured junkie and I’ll sell you a bridge in Brooklyn.

  3. For Howard to dismiss someone who has mental issues shows that he is spiteful and immature. Stern has become everything he hated, he has a trophy wife, got divorced, has tons of money and is now an A list celebrity but his followers are too stupid to see that

  4. Artie i’m a big fan but to say you did great for 7 years and that you’re sorry for being a Heroin addict the last year?..Maybe you are still in some kind of denial but you first started with Heroin in 04-05 and u were a full blown addict during the making of you’re own personal movie “Beer League” in 2005..Do we forget the “Artie heroin breakdown” 9-6-06 show..and I read you’re second book you were battling “Heroin or Opiate”addiction since 2004…Let’s not make believe that part of you’re life never happened…It was the last year on the show where you were out of you’re mind “drinking Smirnoff Ice and munching on pain killers threw out the show”..those are you’re word from you’re book..I say fuck Howard I think he’s a total phony anyway..

  5. Fuck Howard in every sense. Artie made that show something special during his time spent there, he was even voted the most popular cast member, and I think Howard was jealous. It was turning into Artie TV and Howard couldn’t have it. You listen to the show now. It’s a flash back to the 80’s when it was funny, but now it isn’t because we were spoiled on Artie. Now he has to feature Ronnie and Medicated Pete and all the Wack Packers and Sal & Richard (who are justifiably holding the show together alone) just to keep it interesting. Howard and Robin are bores, and Fred; goddamnit! He could be funny if he’d say something!!!

  6. I’d rather listen to Artie’s podcast anytime of day than that stuck up faggot (Howard Stern). Artie hasn’t softened up like Howard has. Howard has lost his edge in order to keep his fame. He caters to and kowtows to this millennialist b.s. because he’s an arrogant hypocrite!

  7. The show started its decline when’s Billy West left, and then Jackie leaving sealed its fate. Howard was never as funny again without Jackie’s jokes or being able to play off Billy’s characters. Artie did have some good stories, but most of the content he created was self-imposed drama: unlike Jackie or Billy, he never made the people around him better.

    When it comes to standup comedy, Artie is funny as hell and Jackie has possibly the worst delivery of any comedian I’ve ever seen. But in terms of contributions to the Stern show? Jackie trumps Artie every day of the week and twice on Sunday.


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