Artie Lange on Howard Stern: Possible November Return?

“I got a book coming out in November, and I talked to Gary, [Gary] said it might happen, but even if I came on [the show] I wouldn’t go on to plug anything. It would be nice to just sit and chat but I think Howard is genuinely concerned that something bad might happen again.” – Artie Lange

In their recent meeting Howard told Artie “he doesn’t want something bad to happen because it did last time.”

5 thoughts on “Artie Lange on Howard Stern: Possible November Return?”

  1. he has already been to the studio again and keeps in contact with staff from the show so I’m not sure why one would be worried.

    from his radio show, he mentioned that it was time for him to move on & do his own thing…

    i can potentially see Artie Lange in Howard’s seat. He does a great job running his current radio show.

  2. yes. and Arties show is airing on sirius 94 at midnight i think. its omly a little bit till they get a better replay time. yes its a podcast replay, but its still hilarious

  3. i’m just really amazed how quick he is with different jokes. I can’t say I have seen the same with other comedians. Even Nick can’t handle it like Artie.

  4. Most of the loyal followers of Howard love Artie and were heartbroken
    after his tragedy. We would all love to see him come back just to hear
    what he had to say after all this time.


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