Artie Lange on this morning with Dan Patrick (Audio)

Artie Lange on this morning with Dan Patrick by wcqjdotcom

Comedian and former Howard Stern contributor Artie Lange joined the show to talk about reports he will get back into radio — possibly doing sports with his good friend Nick DiPaolo.

“I feel great,” Lange said. “I feel like a new person. I definitely needed some repairs for a long time.”

Lange said he’s always been a huge sports fan and sports is a big part of his act. ”When I stopped gambling, I realized I wasn’t as big a sports fan,” Lange said. He said that he knew he was in trouble when at 4 a.m. he was asking people if they saw a Rice-Baylor lacrosse game. He said one of biggest bets he made was 25K on the first Mike Tyson-Evander Holyfield fight. He lost.

Dan asked if he does sports radio, who would his first interview be? ”I want to interview the kid who played Ahmad in the first Bad News Bears movie,” Lange said.

Dan asked his feelings on the Howard Stern Show. ”I miss it more than anything in the world” Lange said. “It was just so much fun to hang out with those guys, you forgot you were on radio sometimes. … I did that for nine years. I blew it because of my lifestyle.”

Lange said he’d love to go back. He’d vacuum the floor if they let him. “I would do it in a heartbeat,” Lange said. “It’s up to them. And I understand their position completely.” He said Howard called him when he was in trouble, including when he was in a pysch ward, and was very kind.

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