Ben Stiller in studio for Greenberg (Howard Stern Interview)

Howard came back and said that Ben Stiller is coming in and he has a new movie coming out called ”Greenberg.” He said it sounds good to him too. Ben came in and Howard told him about what he was reading about the movie. Ben explained what the movie was about. Ben said that it was about this guy who is 41 and he’s never made much of his life so he’s house sitting for his brother. He had just spent some time in a psychiatric hospital. He had a band in his past and it didn’t really go anywhere. Ben said that the guy didn’t have anything happening for him. He said the movie is a comedy but it’s like a real people kind of movie.

Howard asked Ben how he holds his marriage together when he’s working with hot chicks. Ben said it takes work.

Howard said that Ben has been in some really big movies. He said that he must get spooked in a way when he does a movie like this. Ben said he loves the movies that the director, Noah Baumbach, has done. He said he was looking forward to doing this one.

Ben said he’s not getting paid much on this movie. He said he wanted to work with Noah and that’s why he did it. He said if it does well then they’re going to get paid well. He said it’s not that kind of movie though. He said that it will never be in a lot of theaters. Robin asked Ben if he did this movie to get an Oscar. Ben joked that ”Night at the Museum” was for that.

Howard asked Ben if he thinks that people like Jim Carrey should stick to doing comedies like ”Ace Ventura.” Ben said maybe he wants to do interesting stuff and he’s done with that.

Howard said Ben was on the Oscar’s and came out dressed in blue as one of the Navi from Avatar. He said that Ben is still able to do that kind of stuff and he’s not above it all. Howard said he likes that he does that and he’s afraid that he’ll lose that. He said some people lose that clown-like behavior. Ben said he does whatever he feels interested in doing.

Howard said that Ben could just stop doing stuff like that. Ben said it all depends on where he is in that moment. He said he thinks about it being funny and he’s not thinking if he should be ”that guy” or not. Howard asked Ben if he still has to prove to people that he’s still funny. Ben said that everyone has insecurities. He said he doesn’t analyze it that much.

Robin asked Ben what went on with the Oscar’s and why Sacha Baron Cohen didn’t do the bit with him. Ben said that Sacha just didn’t do it and the producers didn’t kill the bit. Howard said that he knows there’s a story there and Ben just isn’t telling it. Ben said that there were reasons for killing it but he wasn’t sure what it was. He said they never decided on what they were going to do. They had a bunch of ideas and they just didn’t go with it. He said that Sacha got married so maybe that had something to do with it. He said that he had a lot going on at the time. Howard asked if he thinks that Sacha got married and he’s afraid to be seen in a certain light or something. Ben said he doesn’t think that’s it.

Howard asked Ben if he took time off from movies before shooting Greenberg so he could stop his addiction for work. Ben said he never said that. He said he just took some time off between movies. He said he was off for 5 months so he went to Nantucket and hung out with his family. He said he was with his wife and kids and his parents. He said his parents have a house there so they had a good time. Howard asked if it was really all great. Ben said they were there for a month and they had a good time.

Howard said he must have gone crazy after a few days being there. Ben said that it takes some time to slow down and get into it. He said you’re just there in the same space and it’s great. Howard asked what he did for the next 4 months. Ben said they went to Hawaii and spent some time there too. Ben said he just took some time off and had a vacation.

Howard said he read a story about himself being at Foxwoods and how he was going to be another judge on American Idol. He said that none of that was true. He said he read some stuff about Ben in the National Enquirer so he’s not sure if it’s true. He said that they claim that Ben was a terror to work with on the new Fockers movie. He said that he doesn’t think that it’s true because they say Ben is a vain guy and he was yelling at underlings. Ben said he’s not sure if that’s true or not. He said he doesn’t think it is but he might have to ask someone he worked with.

Howard asked Ben if he’s temperamental. Ben said he doesn’t think he is. Howard heard that he dismissed a female director and refused to return until she was gone. Ben said that wasn’t true. He said they did change an assistant director. He said that he didn’t flip out on her and he didn’t have a problem with her. He said he thought she was great. There was a change that happened though.

Ben said he doesn’t read that stuff in the tabloids. He said that when he does it’s because people showed it to him. Ben said he doesn’t really go looking for it. Howard figured that would be part of his shtick to read that kind of stuff.

Robin asked if he worked with Dustin Hoffman in the new Fockers movie. Ben said he’s not in this one. Howard asked if he had him fired too. Ben jokingly said ”Dustin who?”

Howard asked Ben why he went to Africa. Ben said he went last year too. He said that he went to Uganda. Howard said they have cannibalism down there. Ben said that’s not true. they do have some questionable laws about homosexuality down there though. Ben said he went down for a Save the Children charity. Howard asked if it was a fact finding mission.

Ben said that he did see a cow being slaughtered down there. Ben said he went to Lagos, Nigeria this year for a movie he might be directing. Ben said he hurt his knee down there and he may have Lyme disease. He said he was joking about that on Letterman and the Lyme disease people got upset with him about that.

Howard told the Howard TV guys to show Ben the food that Robin had down in Guatemala. Howard said it looked like a bowl of diarrhea to him. Ben said it looked like a Hungry Man meal to him. Ben said that’s the good thing about going to those places. It reminds you of how good we have it here.

Howard asked if there were a lot of black people in Africa. Ben said that there are and you feel extremely white down there. Ben said that you’re like an oddity when you go to a place like Lagos, Nigeria. Ben said he’s been to a lot of interesting places and you see how people are and it changes your perspective on life.

Howard told Ben about what he was saying about Gabby Sidibe and how he was just pointing out that Hollywood doesn’t hire people who are fat. Ben said he may be on to something there.

Howard asked Ben about the movie and if he thinks he gets the respect he deserves. Ben said he doesn’t think about that. He said he thinks he has to be grateful for what he has. Howard asked what kind of money he’s made doing the movies he’s done. He had a huge list of the stuff Ben had been in. Ben said he doesn’t think about that kind of thing.

Howard gave Ben some plugs for ”Greenberg” and asked why they’re only opening in select theaters. Ben said they call it platforming and he thinks the movie is really good. Howard asked why it’s not in 3D. Ben said he hopes he never does a 3D movie. Howard said they’re all about making 3D stuff and it’s too much. Ben said that they have stories in the NY Times about the catholic priests and you don’t want to see that stuff in 3D.

Gary said that Ben’s movies have grossed somewhere around 3.5 billion dollars. Howard said that’s wild. He heard that he was going out to look at a $15 million apartment there in the city. Ben asked where he reads this stuff.

Howard asked Ben if he would ever make a 3D movie. Ben said he would do an animated thing like that but not a live action movie. He said he likes movies shot on good old film and not digitally. He said he doesn’t want everything to go 3D. Howard asked if he saw Avatar. Ben said he did see it and he liked it.

Howard gave Ben some more plugs for ”Greenberg” and explained the movie again. Ben said it’s kind of a romantic story and he has love scenes with the other girl. He said they’re awkward though. Howard asked if he gets boners in those scenes. Ben said that he doesn’t. Howard said he did a scene with a naked chick in a tub and he got a boner. Ben said he’s very self conscious and he doesn’t get one.

Howard asked Ben if he kind of has to fall in love with the co-star so it makes it real. Ben said you do but you also have to know the boundaries.

Howard said Ben’s wife is an actress too so she must fall in love with her co-stars too. Ben said they don’t talk about that when they come home from work. Howard said it must affect Ben in some way. He said that he must think about how he could have other chicks. Ben said that he is a man and the reality is that it’s a movie set and they’re there to do a job. He said they create the atmosphere there for the moment.

Ben said that people do get together after doing a movie but it never works out. They’re all caught up in the moment on set. Howard asked if the chick was topless. Ben said she wasn’t topless and the love scenes are very awkward. Howard asked Ben where he finished. Ben laughed and said the film was shot in Los Angeles.

Howard asked Ben if his sex life is good. Ben said it is good. He said that every marriage is cyclical though. He said that they’ve been married for 10 years now and things are good.

Robin asked Ben and Howard about the dinner they went on. They never got together after that. Howard said that Ben wrote him an email the other day and said that he thought Howard was nuts because he’d go out to dinner with him anytime. Ben said he’s not a socializer and he doesn’t even see his friends that often.

Gary came in with a picture of the girl Ben was in the movie with. Howard said she was naked in the pictures. Ben wouldn’t even look. Ben said she’s a great writer and director. Howard said she’s got some rack.

Ben said that he heard about Howard talking about their dinner and he had to reach out and tell him that he liked going out to dinner. Howard said he thinks that it’s not that exciting going out to dinner with him. He said it was probably too much work. Ben said that it’s work when you first meet someone but it gets easier. Howard told Ben he had just used him as an example. Ben said that Howard wrote him aback and said something about how word travels fast. Ben said that he’s Howard Stern so of course word travels fast.

Howard took a call from Mariann from Brooklyn who asked if Carol Leifer wrote his stuff for the Oscar’s. Ben said she was one of the writers and she’s a great comedian.

Howard took a call from a guy who asked Ben about Tropical Thunder and if Robert Downey Jr. is as whacked out as he appears to be. Ben said he’s a genius actor and he might not appear to be on the same level as everyone else. He said he went out to dinner with him before the movie and he’s at a different level. Howard said the guy is so good that they had to have him back in the movies even after all of his drug issues. Howard said he was more of a pain in the ass than Elliot Gould was. Howard said that guy got crazy too. He said he wasn’t into drugs but he was driving people nuts on movies and stuff.

Howard took a call from Eddie the Produce guy who asked if Zoolander was banned in Asia. Ben said it was. Howard said he loved Zoolander and he wondered if they were going to make a sequel. Ben said that they are thinking about it. He said the studio wants to do another one.

Eddie also asked if he was looking forward to working with Tom Cruise. Ben said he is looking forward to that. They’re trying to work some things out for that. Howard asked if Tom is pushing Scientology on him. Ben said he isn’t doing that at all. Howard asked if Tom is more fun than him at dinner. Ben said that he is kind of intimidated trying to figure out what his personal relationship is.

Howard said he figures it would be harder to speak to Tom Cruise than to him. Ben asked Howard if he had ever been out with him. Howard asked if he was kidding. Robin asked if his kids get to play with Tom’s kids. Ben said that they do get to play.

Eddie asked if Ben would work with Howard. Ben said he would love to work with Howard. Howard said he’s too expensive to work with. Howard said he doesn’t want to play Howard Stern. He wants to play a villain or something. Ben said he really liked Private Parts. He asked why he didn’t do anything after that. Howard said he didn’t think he’d come off well in the scripts he read. He said that he couldn’t afford to do a shitty movie. Ben said he gets that. He said he was good in Private Parts though. He asked about Fartman. Howard said that may have been too far out there. He said J.F. Laughton wrote it and it was really well written but people wouldn’t have gotten it. Howard said he might have to be in Zoolander 2. He said that he could be Ben’s gay lover. Ben said that’s fine as long as he doesn’t get a boner.

Howard read that Shia Lebouf is going to be in the sequel to Wall Street and now he’s giving stock tips to people. Howard said he read that in the National Enquirer. Howard said some people get carried away with their roles. He said Tom Cruise thought he was a World War II hero for years.

Ben plugged this Night of 140 Tweets that he’s doing with some other people. This comedian came up with the idea. He said he’s helping to raise money for Haiti and he’s going to be going down there. Howard said he’s got to be insane. He said he must be miserable. Gary said Ben was doing work down there before the earthquake. Howard said he would never go there. He said he’ll donate but he’s never going there.

Ben said that they’re raising money for this charity down there and they’re doing this night of 140 Tweets where 150-160 people got up and read their favorite tweets. It was one after the other of just people reading their favorite tweets.

Ben thanked Howard for letting him do that. He said that he hopes to be able to raise money for the charity. Ben talked about what they’re trying to do down there and how tough they have it.

Howard said he hopes that black people know that Ben is a great, white savior. Ben said it’s not about that. He said that Howard could be the same thing. Howard said that Ben is better to black people than black people are. He’s like Tarzan. He said he should learn to do the Tarzan call. Fred threw in a Tarzan audio clip. Ben said it would probably be more like ”Oy oyy oyyyyyy.”

Ben told Howard he should go to Haiti. Howard said that will never happen. He doesn’t even like leaving New York. Howard said he wanted to head for the hills after seeing Robin’s pictures from Guatemala. Howard wrapped up and went to break a short time later.

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