Benjy Bronk Makeover

Bronk sported dyed facial hair, jewelry and a noticeably slimmer body on Monday morning’s show, and credited Jordana for the improvements.

Jordana has been cultivating Bronk’s look since he publicly professed his love for her by hijacking a press conference last month, intended to feature Gloria Allred and a woman accusing Herman Cain of sexual harassment.

2 thoughts on “Benjy Bronk Makeover”

  1. Geez, remember when this guy’s radio show used to be funny? How the mighty have fallen. Was the Iphone rant interesting to anybody? It’s one thing to mention it in passing and keep moving right along with the show, but to spend a half hour talking about nothing? Is any funny material prepared for the show, or was that it and I missed it? Robin and Fred are web-browsing during the show and Howard…man, just rambles on about nothing.

    Try listening to Nick and Artie if you want to lol from radio. Howard is simply not naturally funny nor entertaining. I feel like I’m home for the holidays listening to my parents have a conversation. Iphone??


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