Benjy Bronk Probed On Live Radio

Perez Hilton fingered another man live on the Howard Stern show this morning.

“Be careful! Be careful!” Benjy Bronk begged as Hilton prepared to insert his finger into his rectum.

Earlier this month, Bronk proposed a deal: If he couldn’t lose 37 pounds, he would allow himself to be anally probed by another man’s finger on the air. The fingering would last for no less than three minutes.

Well, Bronk was unable to lose the weight, and so Howard Stern invited Hilton to perform the proctological duties.

1 thought on “Benjy Bronk Probed On Live Radio”

  1. Howard has changed the show it’s not getting better not getting worse the show is busting ball and howard dosent do it anymore. Like Gary and Limg of all Blacks saying Gary is rolling in dirt with king of all blacks that was so Bullshit The Bullshit Howard’s putting in Garys head about a super producer let’s be real Howard is the Super Producer not Gary these people do the show for Howard not baba Booey so don’t forget the shows earlier years that got u where u are now and the wack pack after he signed with Sirius he’s forgot what got him to the top


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