Beth Stern hosts Posh Pets

Multi-million-dollar private jets, luxurious spa treatments and exorbitant shopping sprees? How far would you go for your pet? Posh Pets: Lifestyles of the Rich and Furry celebrates the outrageous ways some people pamper their furry family members.

Host Beth Stern introduces viewers to the lovable pets of her fellow HGTV stars along with America’s most pampered pets.

7 thoughts on “Beth Stern hosts Posh Pets”

  1. I love HGTV. Watch all the time, but shows like this, make me turn it off. Any more Beth Stern shows, and you can be sure HGTV won’t be on in my house anymore.
    She is a horrible host and HGTV should be ashamed!!

  2. Greatest show ever. This HGTV really understands what America wants. We want more Beth Stern programs. Please allow Howard Alan Stern to buy you out and change the stations name to BSTV erh wutever derp

  3. Rather disappointing that the HGTV execs cannot resist the Howard Stern production company money. How vapid does a themed show need to go before you all remove your heads from the sand. Beth Stern’s voice is minimally coherent. Her arm gestures make me run for the motion sickness bag. Are her shows meant to be satire or is HGTV totally sincere with these train wrecks. I just contacted Comcast to see if we can remove HGTV from the subscription. They cannot tell me how a pet show fits into a home and garden channel either.

  4. That voice….my ears are bleeding for Christ’s sake. No wonder the Arab world hates us. I bet the real “Howard” is proud of his trophy after viewing this Pulitzer material. Too bad Katrina hit too far south of the Hamptons.

  5. Who is this vapid idiot ??? Just because she married a celebrity doesn’t mean she should be on television. Oh , that voice—– it’s like nails on a blackboard !


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