Bob Levy blames Howard Stern for Artie Lange’s suicide attempt and quits The Miserable Men Show

Comedian and long time friend of the Howard Stern Show “Reverend Bob Levy” pointed the finger squarely in the face of the King of All Media Tuesday, blaming him for co-host Artie Lange’s violent suicide attempt in early January.

Levy made the controversial statement during a live recording he posted on his page at in response to a question from an online listener.

“Did Howard fire Artie? No. They just killed him. There’s a difference there. You know what I mean? He should have been in rehab a year ago, but I’m not even gonna talk about that, but it’s sad. It’s really sad. He shoulda been off the show a year ago, gettin’ help. If it’s funny to watch someone fall apart and become a f—ing junky? Then, to me? I’d rather watch TV. I’d rather watch ‘The View’ than listen to bulls–t.”

Wednesday, Levy posted a message announcing his resignation from his regular Sunday night gig at ‘The Miserable Men Show’ which airs weekly on Howard Stern’s secondary Sirius XM channel, Howard 101. Levy stated he was resigning because courtesy plugs for his stand-up performances had been pulled from the main Howard Stern Show, and because of a reportedly miserable ‘Miserable Men’ salary.

Levy made the following post on his Facebook page Wednesday:

BREAKING NEWS FROM BOB LEVY: Bob Levy. after alot of thought over the last few weeks ive decided to resign from the miserable men there has been alot of stuff since my plugs being pulled for no reason and other thing that made me decide its not worth it for me i wish the others well and find someone to take my spot but i,d rather be home with my family on sunday then running from a airport to the studio for no money.

22 thoughts on “Bob Levy blames Howard Stern for Artie Lange’s suicide attempt and quits The Miserable Men Show”

  1. Bob, goodluck I totally agree with you 100% Artie should have gotten help well over a year ago and Howard is responsible he thrived on watching Artie fall apart LIVE on his show and it is FUC%^& shame that it came to Artie tyring to take his own life, Howard or Sirius should have seen to it that Artie got help , well Bob I am sure you will do well …good luck my friend…Larry

  2. I have been following this story as a fan of Howard and MM. Found it interesting that Bubba on his show Friday made a quick comment on this story and just said, “maybe Bob Levy is just a jackass”.

  3. This whole Artie thing is obviously a touchy subject for all involved… but look… if this is how the guy, Levy, feels… then there’s nothing at all wrong… or shouldn’t be… with him saying so! After all, Howard is the one who is constantly saying how he’s all about honesty ad nauseum… and “ya gotta be honest on the radio” and so forth… then the minute that Levy does that… and it doesn’t jive with Stern… he’s out of job??? WTF?!?!? THAT IS TOTAL BULLSHIT! Further, this incident will only serve to keep all others involved with the Howard Stern show from being honest about how they feel for fear of rocking the boat and being dismissed. Now, having said that, myself and many others find Bob Levy only marginally funny at the roasts on Howard’s show and even down right boring at any other time he’s heard on the Howard channels… FIRE HIM FOR THAT… Not for speaking his… rather small… mind! No big loss to the Sirius channels in any event. I mean, let’s face it… THE MISERABLE MEN SHOW IS MISERABLY UNFUNNY… WITH OR WITHOUT BOB LEVY!

  4. UMMM……..These guys are the best… I got the opportunity to see Bob live in Mass this weekend ( We drove down from Maine) He will be missed terribly……. Although maybe some of you dont find him that funny WE DO! We love you…. all of you…. I have quit a job myself as I had to do what i felt what morally right as well. I doubt I made even close to Levy but he sticks to his principles……… Thats a REAL MAN! WE are proud of you but will miss you very much… FK HOWARD! I never thought he was much more than an arrogant asshole who talks alot of shit and doesnt know wtf he is talking about….. I love Aritie tho. He was/ is real… It is a shame it took this…… I dont believe in sensorship but how can you live w/ yourself Mr Stern knowing Artie’s demise what just what you wanted… Shame on you. And may Karma bite that ass soon and HARD!

  5. I can understand why Bob gets frustrated at various issues he has with the the Miserable Men Show and the Howard Show, but personally I think he has seriously shot himself in the foot with this move. As I have been listening regularly to the show Sunday nights while I am at work, it slowly has taken shape and has started to crawl into a show so good, it could run 5 days a week. However, now that he has pulled the plug himself, he has just walked away to the potential successor to the Howard channels on Sirius when Howard leaves. I’m not saying it would replace the Stern show, but clearly it could hold it’s own through their true comedy genius they have developed. Too bad Bob…

  6. Wow! Bob is truly a bigger idiot than I thought he was. If Howard Stern is to blame for Artie Lange’s SECOND suicide attempt, then who’s to blame for his first attempt, Mad TV? After all, Artie was on Mad TV when he first tried to commit suicide so surely that most have been their fault! Bob, you are truly a moron. Artie suffers from severe depression and the only way anyone would have been able to help him is if he was honestly ready to help himself. Bob Levy’s comments about Howard Stern was a bitter reaction to having his plugs pulled from the Stern show and the fact that he wasn’t paid by Sirius to host Miserable Men. I would think that the exposure that Bob was getting on his Sirius show, which was really catching on, would have been sufficient motivation to continue his hosting duties for at least the next eight months. After that, if Howard retires, Bob would have been in a position to become a prominent radio host on Sirius Radio. Instead, he will now be relegated back to obscurity.

  7. Bob is an ass. Howard is not responsible for someone elses actions. Howard wasnt there plunging the knife into Arties chest or giving him the drugs. What about those days when Bob was drugging it up with Artie , so the same can be said about you enabler. Good luck being a loser again Bob, maybe Danny B will kick your ass one more time.

  8. bob is so correct, stop and think for two seconds, he is right, bottom line. and schuli rode bobs coat tails now he has the show , just look back sorry the guy is right , i like them all , but it is sooo sad

  9. yah,no we get that not rocket science ,he resigned. the issue at hand is bobs initial comment re-artie play tape listen to show there is your anwser.

  10. Wow…what stupidity…no one enabled Artie to do drugs…it was his choice…how can you blame Howard? That means you should blame every co-worker and boss at every job that has an alcoholic, junkie, food addict or whatever on staff…Maybe you should blame Artie’s own family…they benefitted from his career…never made him go into rehab….OH WAIT A MINUTE…YOU CAN’T MAKE SOMEONE GO TO REHAB!…THEY HAVE TO WANT TO DO IT THEMSELVES OTHERWISE IT WON’T WORK! I hope Artie gets better and is getting the help he needs…Bob Levy is a jackass…he wouldn’t have a career if it wasn’t for Stern. Stop being so god damn stupid.

  11. In my opinion,the show sucks without Artie. Sal and Richard prank calls are horrible. Sal’s marital problems were funny the first couple of times they were exploited on air.
    Howard without Fred feeding him line is as funny as Ralph Cirella. life is not fair,the least talented guy of the fab four makes the most money.

  12. Truth be told. Before the Artie attempt on his life the show was becoming the Artie Lange show. He overcommented on everything and often interrupted Howard’s enjoyable and timely interviews with great guests I believe he was told to tone it down because after the Christmas break he was totally more laid back behind the scenes with fewer interuptions; it became a stronger show. Maybe he couldn’t accept a lesser part and it sentk him over the edge. I truly do hope he recovers and finds piece but he doesn’t belong on the Stern show. Good luck Artie. I would love to see him get bak on his own.

  13. Look guys Howard is not to blame.
    It was Levy that used to get me my heroin on the road. Blame him for what happened if anyone, but not Howard.

  14. Hey guys–this whole thing is dumb. Bob Levy is an untalented hack, and Artie was a less talented version of Jackie. The show began its slow and steady decline the moment Billy left, and it really hasn’t been the same since.

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