Bubba The Love Sponge calls in (Howard back on Terrestrial radio)

Gary told Howard he got a call from Brent who said that Bubba wants to call in to talk about the punch in the head because he swears it’s real. Hanzi said he’s a wrestling fan and he thought Bubba did a great job on the TNA thing but he was fired after the Haiti thing. He said he doesn’t think Bubba is a racist or anything. He said he thinks he was just caught up in the whole money thing when he said ”fuck Haiti.”

Howard let Hanzi go and said he’ll get to the bottom of all of this. He had Bubba on the phone a short time later. Howard told Bubba what he knew and said that he thought the punch in the face was part of the story line. Bubba said there is no video of it so it wasn’t part of a story line.

Howard found out he was live on the air with Bubba so he had to be careful not to curse. Howard talked to Bubba about this Awesome Kong chick that punched him. Bubba said that Bubba has been into a couple of things lately that are hysterical. He said the wrestling event is funny. Bubba said that them being disenfranchise with him isn’t part of the script. Robin said that he means disenchanted.

Howard said Bubba knows the wrestling jargon so he got into the whole thing. He asked Bubba if they paid him. Bubba said they did pay him and Hogan had asked him to come help out. He said they’re in a shambles and they’re trying to work things out.

Howard asked if it was true that he gave away hundreds of tickets hat were fake. Bubba said that was not true. He said that the company came to him about a month out and asked him to give out tickets to his fans so they wouldn’t have the same 40 people showing up to their event. Bubba said he could pack the place with 1800 fans if they wanted. He said they asked him to help, they gave him tickets to give out and they set the thing up so the people could come and pick them up. They gave out 2,200 tickets figuring that they’d have 1,800 show up.

Bubba said that he had a gift on the way to Howard today too. Howard said that wasn’t necessary. He got back to the ticket thing and Bubba said it was like 24 degrees down there in Florida on this day. He said that they had like 1800 people standing there outside the doors and the Universal Studios people told them that the passes were unauthorized. Bubba said that he went to tell the guys from TNA about that and warned them that they were going to hate him and want to kill him.

Howard said Bubba went out to the parking lot and people started spitting on him. Bubba said it was worse than that. He said the people didn’t event into the building so they went to the Hard Rock and rented out the theater and let the fans watch it on TV over there. He said they sent wrestlers over there to calm people down. He said the wrestlers weren’t saying that things were okay. They were saying that they didn’t get in because of Bubba not delivering. Howard said it’s good he’s not going to be part of the TNA then.

Bubba said he went to this event and a kid asked for an autograph and this kid rips up the picture, spits on it and shoves it in his face. Bubba said he had gone on his Twitter and said ”F-Haiti” because he was Haiti’d out. Bubba said he’s sorry for the loss of humanity over there but he’s tired of hearing about it when we have so many problems ”here abroad.”

Bubba said that this Awesome Kong chick came over to him and sucker punched him in the head while he was taping something. He said he thought it might be something they were taping for TNA that he didn’t know about. He said that he wasn’t sure what was going on. Bubba said Kong is a black woman and he thinks that someone showed her his Twitter. He said that she punched him in the mouth and she said ”this is for Haiti” when she did it. He said she hit him again and said ”Haiti” like it was Braveheart or something. Bubba said he realized that she was mad at him for something after that.

Bubba said he grabbed the chick by the neck and he was ready to punch her. He said he realized that if he did that he might end his career. Howard read that she weighs 275 pounds. He wondered who wipes her. Bubba didn’t even hear that joke. Bubba went on to say that he told people he wasn’t going to hit her back but he had to hold her to keep her from hitting him again.

Bubba said they sent Kong home that day and they really don’t want to get rid of him either. Howard asked Bubba if they did a DNA test on her to make sure she’s actually a woman. He asked Bubba if he’s going to tweet anymore topless pictures of his wife. Bubba said he’ll send them to him privately if he wants. Howard said he would like that.

Howard said he wants some of those nude pictures but Bubba wanted to respect Beth and make sure it was okay with her. Bubba said that he wouldn’t be where he is now without Howard so giving him some pictures of his wife nude isn’t so tough.

Howard asked Bubba how his marriage is going. He said they just celebrated 3 years being married and he’s having sex with her like once or twice a week.

Howard told Bubba that things are going good with them other than the Artie situation. Howard asked Bubba if his son is getting anything yet. Bubba said he’s at the age when he doesn’t care about girls. Howard said if he had a son he wouldn’t let the kid go through that stage.

Bubba said that this punch is a real thing and you know that because it’s not on tape. He said they may have surveillance video though so he’s trying to get a hold of that.

Robin asked if Kong’s job is in jeopardy. Bubba said it is but he doesn’t want her to lose her job over this. Howard said he would. He said that if she punched him like that it’s just not right. Bubba said he hates this woman deep down inside but he’s not going to say that on the air. He said he’s learned from Howard on that with the way he treats other guys like Opie and Anthony and people like that. Howard said he doesn’t want anyone in radio to lose their job. He said he’s been asked if he wants guys fired like that and he says no and he means it.

Howard asked Bubba for his opinion on Leno and Conan. Bubba said they should get rid of both of them and replace them with someone else. Howard said it was weird doing regular radio this morning and not cursing. Bubba told Howard he could do it and make tons of money doing it. Howard said he’s kind of had offers to go back. He said it’s not really an ”offer” though.

Howard said he didn’t think Bubba would be able to go back but he’s done a great job. He said his show hasn’t sounded better. Bubba said he’d just have to take like 10 words out of his vocabulary. Howard said they edit content out too though. Bubba said that’s true but he’s just glad to have a job.

Howard talked to Spice Boy about his girlfriend and how hot she is. Howard said she’s like a 10. Howard asked Bubba if he would allow him to sleep with Heather if he asked. Bubba said he would do that if he could promise him a job for life and give him a little more money. Bubba said he’s getting screwed on the money right now so he’d have to fix that.

Howard asked if Heather is as crazy in bed as much as he thinks she is. Bubba said that she’s so into sex that she will keep going and going all by herself when he’s done. He said that she just likes to party like 12 times to his one. Bubba said his wife is a whore in bed. He said that he may have said too much about this at this point. Bubba said that he forgot he was on terrestrial radio and everyone was hearing this locally.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that Bubba was lying about something about his wife. He just corrected him on the type of dog he was talking about earlier. Howard said he likes that Heather talks dirty in bed. He said he’s really into that. Howard told Bubba a story about how he role played as a massage guy one time with Beth. He said that he had a whole scene going on and he’d like to be able to do that on a regular basis.

Howard asked if Brent is still banned from the studio. Bubba said he still comes in once in a while. He said he’s in a Gary like role now. Bubba said that nothing has changed, he’s just preparing the show a little differently. He said that Spice helps out too. He said Manson and Ned are still in the studio.

Bubba said he hopes that the gift comes today. He asked if they miss Artie being in there. Howard said ”Of course.” He said they’re freaked out by what happened. Bubba said people ask him why he doesn’t play the 9-1-1 call and things like that. Howard asked if there is one. Bubba said he doesn’t have it if there is one. Howard said he couldn’t play the Brittany Murphy 9-1-1 call but Bubba did. Bubba said it was sad but he still played it.

Howard asked why the 9-1-1 calls are public. Bubba said he doesn’t make the rules but he plays the calls. Howard asked Brent what he thinks about that. Brent said that ti’s there to protect the innocent in some cases. Howard said he doesn’t think that all of the calls should be made public.

Howard and Bubba spent a few more minutes talking about Haiti and what’s going on there. They were arguing about whether or not we should send them help or not. Howard said he thinks it’s fine but Bubba said we don’t need to give more money when they have our tax money to help out with down there.

Howard told Bubba about the tiger Woods mistress beauty pageant. Bubba also asked if he could bring them along with him wherever he goes. Howard said he’ll make sure that happens. He said he can’t imagine working for Clear Channel again though.

Howard said he saw pictures from Haiti and they had a big doll of Bubba getting pins put in it. They spent a minute on that before Howard had to wrap up. Howard said he’ll let Bubba know when he gets his gift. He said he’ll send him a thank-you note. Bubba said that he’ll send some pictures of his wife over to him too.

Howard and Robin were talking about how handsome Spice boy is. Robin was saying that he does look good and she might be willing to do him. Howard said he likes that spice thinks that he’d be able to handle Robin.

Howard said those guys are good guys. He said they had fun with them over the holidays. Howard said he just realized they hadn’t taken a break for a while. Fred said they had only taken one break but they’d be okay. Howard asked him why he didn’t warn him. Fred said he was on a roll. Howard said he was just killing time. They went to break after that.

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