Donald Trump regrets his Stern Show appearances

DONALD TRUMP 2017Donald Trump isn’t a man prone to regrets. But now that he’s the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Trump has some second thoughts about all those ribald interviews he gave to Howard Stern over the years.

In an interview with the Washington Post published yesterday, the former reality television star said he wouldn’t have made so many bawdy comments to Stern if he knew he would actually follow through on his White House ambitions.

“Or I wouldn’t have gone on the show because that is the easier way of doing it,” Trump said.

Trump called Stern “a really good guy” and said the two have “had great moments” on the shock jock’s radio show.

Trump has also dipped into Stern’s archives. Back in August, when his feud with Megyn Kelly was just getting started, Trump dredged up the Fox News anchor’s own candid interview with Stern.

In the 2010 interview with Stern, Kelly spoke openly about her sex life.

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