Gary Dell’Abate vs. Greenwich

The latest chapter in the saga to get Stern producer Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate on the towns parks board doesn’t involve bags of feces. This time, it’s all about an e-mail sent to the Representative Town Meeting that attacks Dell’Abate.

A person identifying, himself as Michael O’Brien, 20, sent the e-mail on Feb. 17, Greenwich Time reports. In it, the writer accuses Dell’Abate of degrading women.

“He hires young women models, prostitutes and porn stars to go on his show just to have Howard Stern and other members of the cast (including himself) treat the women like garbage,” the e-mail said. “I honestly would not leave my daughters alone with this man. Please protect our community, daughters, young men and our fine parks from Gary Dell’Abate.”

Obviously Baba Booey was not amused. “It made me sound like I was a pedophile,” Dell’Abate said during a recent show, when he found out about the email. Stern decided to take action and enlisted the services of a private investigator from Colorado Springs, Colorodo to find the origin of the e-mail, the Time reports.

“I had a gut feeling from the beginning that it wasn’t real because it was so over the top,” Dell’Abate told the paper. “I’m glad that it’s been exposed as a fake. Whoever wrote it won’t stand behind it, which gives it much less validity.”

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