High Pitch Mike Update (Sighting)

If you are looking for a recent (2017) update on High Pitch Mike, recently a fan says he saw him working at LaGuardia airport. The fan states that Mike looks the exact same, he still has the same amount of hair and his skin is still blotchy. However, this report is unconfirmed.

Howard came back and sang along with the Lennon song a little bit. He said that Gary is trying to get Charlie Sheen on the show but he thinks that he’s giving them the blow off. Howard said that they’ve probably said shitty stuff about him and he knows about it. Howard said the one thing he’s afraid of is them. Howard said that’s kind of funny. Robin said being with them would not be ”Winning!”

Gary told Howard that he has a friend who texts Charlie and Charlie is afraid that they’ll want too many details. Another one says that Charlie listens to the show and he likes Baba Booey. Howard said that he should tell him that he has been sued by CBS and he’ll give him some advice about that. He did walk away with his tapes when he got sued by them.

Robin said she never bought one Beatles album. She said she knows all of the songs but never bought an album. Howard said he waited a long time but then he bought Sgt. Peppers and then Magical Mystery Tour and the White album.

Howard said he wanted to catch up with High Pitch Mike so he had him come in. Sal and Richard sat in too. Howard asked Mike if he’s happy that he’s out of the closet. Mike said yes and no. He said that he’s not dating very much. He said he’s sexually happy but he’s not finding that person to be in a relationship with. Richard and Sal came in dressed in their underwear. They were trying to make Mike feel at home.

Howard asked about the underwear parties and what’s up with that. Mike said after he came out he got some new friends and invitations to parties and stuff. He said that he went to Fire Island and one of the clubs was having an underwear party so he went to that. He said he figured he’d just do it. Mike said you check in your clothes just like checking in your coat.

Howard asked if the club was packed with guys. Mike said it was. He said that they have guys in boxers, thongs and all of that. Howard said he must have made sure he had clean underwear on. Mike said of course you do that. Mike said that some of the guys got really frisky. He said he was very drunk that night too. He said that he hardly remembers the party. Mike said that he kissed a friend of a friend and he turned out to be really cute. He said that he could barely remember who it was though.

Howard asked if anyone starts jerking other guys off at the party. Mike said they don’t do that. Richard asked if they let their cock hang out like this… and had his cock hanging out. Howard told him to put his cock away.

Howard said he pictures guys pulling down their underpants and showing their cocks and jerking each other off. Howard TV had some shots of Mike that they put on the monitors. Howard asked Mike if he has figured out what he is in the gay community. He said he pictures him as a Twink. Mike said he’s not one but thanked him for thinking he was. Mike said he’s too old to be a Twink. He said he’s 33 himself. He prefers younger guys. He said he’s never been with an older guy.

Howard said he read that Mike found a gay app for his phone. Mike said this is the greatest invention ever. He said that he has an iPhone and he can log on and it shows you where the 50 nearest gay guys are who are also logged on. He said if you’re near a club it’ll say they’re just 37 feet away or something like that. Mike said that it can also be dangerous because you could have someone tracking you down who wants to beat you up. Howard asked what happens if guys see him and don’t like the way he looks. Mike said that it has worked sometimes but there are times when the guys tell him he’s not their type. He’s fine with that because it has worked for him.

Sal and Richard were goofing around with Mike. Howard said that they’re ready to play. Howard said they’re sexually harassing him. Mike was laughing.

Howard said Mike is into Janet Jackson and he wondered why that’s a big deal. Mike said that she’s moved up since Michael died. He’s also into Lady Gaga and a couple of other performers like that. Mike said there’s another performer that he’s into and he saw him on Oprah. His name is Evan Ross.

Howard asked Mike if he’s gotten laid from this iPhone app. Mike said he has. He told Howard how it works and how it starts out as texting. The app is called Grinder. Mike said he got it like 6 months ago. Howard asked him how it worked. Mike said it took a while to work. He had a few fails before it worked. Mike said that he’d probably get laid more if he wasn’t so into young guys.

Mike talked about the one young guy he was with who had just graduated high school. Mike told Howard about another guy who was in his 20s and they were blowing and jerking each other off. He doesn’t get into ass play. Howard said that sounds kind of boring. He asked if he swallows. Mike said he does not. He said that he has had guys swallow him before and that kind of freaks him out. He said you have to be careful these days.

Mike wanted to be part of the photo shoot with Richard and Sal. Howard said he can do that. He asked Mike more about this guy he was with. Mike said he was with this guy and his mother came home to the apartment. It turned out they were trying to figure out what was wrong with the A/C. He said the guy’s parents didn’t know he was gay and he had to hide under the covers while he was talking to them. He said he was so scared. Mike said they fixed the A/C and left. Howard asked if he banged that guy again. Mike said he was with him like twice.

Howard asked Mike if he’s been with all races. Mike said he hasn’t been with Asian. He said he prefers Puerto Rican guys. Howard asked if he’s good at blow jobs right out of the box. Mike said he thinks he was. Richard asked him if he practices on bananas. Mike said he doesn’t. Howard said Richard is creepy. Mike said that Richard is normal outside of work and he’s only creepy in there.

Howard asked Mike if he asks guys out on dates. Mike said he doesn’t do that so much. He said he uses that app to find someone real quick. Howard said that Mike is kind of sad and happier too. Robin said she knows a guy who uses that Grinder app and he just finds guys to cuddle with sometimes. Mike said he’s not into doing that. He said he’s looking to get laid.

Mike told Howard about how his voice is really high but his roommate’s was even higher. Howard said maybe it’s tied in with being gay. Mike said that would make sense. Sal said maybe it’s from squealing so much like a pig while getting fucked in the ass. Mike laughed at that.

Howard said that Mike is kind of upset with him about what he said about Richard’s wedding. Howard said that he took heat from Mike and from the audience. Mike said he was mad at him last week but last night he saw him on The Daily Show and he had feelings for him. He said that’s the first time he’s ever felt that. Howard said he likes when a gay man says he’s attractive. Sal made fun of Mike’s lazy eye and Richard pointed out that this is coming from a guy whose belly and tits are hanging out.

Howard asked Mike if he’s disappointed when a guy doesn’t have a big dick. He said it all depends on who it is. He said if Taylor Laughtner had a small dick he’d be okay with it.

Howard asked Mike if he’d still be into him if he wasn’t famous. Mike said that power and fame help but he’d still be into him. Howard asked how many guys he’s been with since he came out of the closet. Mike said it’s maybe 10 guys. Howard said he thinks he’s learned enough about all of this. Howard asked a few more questions and found out that he doesn’t do the anal thing because he doesn’t want to exchange body fluids.

The guys reminded Howard about Mike cumming on some guy’s dashboard when he was getting jerked off in his car. Mike said the guy pulled his pants down just as he was about to finish and he came on his dash. He said he had to apologize to the guy for that.

Mike told another story about a guy he met on that Grinder app. He told Howard that this guy was the hottest one he’s met. He said that he was only 19 and the guy told him to come over one day. He said they did just about everything that day. He said that they did it twice that day. Richard asked if they do a 69 kind of thing. Mike said he has. Howard laughed at that. Howard asked if anyone has ever recognized him from the show. Mike said they haven’t and he’s never told them where he works.

Mike told Howard that he left that guy at like 6 in the morning and he was completely out of it the next day. He said he was just about falling asleep at work like Artie used to do. Howard said that he’s missing true love and that’s what he’s trying to find. Howard said he has to find someone on his own and they can’t do a gay dating game or anything. Howard told Doug to put that together for Howard TV. Sal said ”When you’re done throwing up, put that together.”

Gary told Howard that Sal crossed his leg and his whole ball is hanging out. Sal didn’t even realize it. He said it looked like a tumor. Howard asked if that turned Mike on. Mike said he wasn’t turned on. Richard took his cock and balls out again. Howard thanked everyone for coming in and Mike asked to see Sal and Richard kiss. Sal said no way. Richard didn’t seem so against it. Richard kissed Sal on the cheek but Sal walked out.

Robin asked Mike if he sees children in his future. Howard asked if she meant dating them. Mike said he would like to have a kid one day when he settles down with someone. He said that he’d love that.

Howard let Mike go and asked Robin if she gets turned on by the boy’s cocks hanging out. Robin said she does not at all. There was some toilet paper on the couch so they figured it was Sal’s. Howard said no one wanted to pick that up. Sal came back and told them why he has the toilet paper in there to keep his penis dry. Fred threw in the Charlie Sheen ”Winning!” comment as Sal was talking about that.

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