Hillary Clinton on The Howard Stern Show (Full Video Interview)

Hillary Clinton visits the Howard Stern Show. Hillary Clinton made her Stern Show debut recently in a two and a half-hour interview. The full video interview is posted below along with the transcript.

Howard and Hillary covered many subjects, from meeting Bill Clinton to killing Bin Laden and her current thoughts on President Donald Trump.

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Full transcript of the interview:

Howard came back and said he’s really excited that Hillary Clinton is there. He said she’s the former first lady and secretary of state. Howard said he wants to stare at her for a while. He said this is so exciting for him. Hillary said it is for her too.

Howard said his fantasy was to meet her and to tell her what a hero she is to him. He said she has a level of expertise that is very exciting for him. He said he was very supportive of her and he was for her the first time she ran. Robin asked if she ever heard about his support of her. Hillary said she didn’t until the 2016 campaign. Howard said he has so much to talk to her about. Robin said he’s jumping out of his skin.

Howard said Hillary has the experience that he wanted in a president. He said she’s done so much public service and that’s what he needs. He said he needs someone proven. Hillary said they do need that.

Howard said Hillary and Chelsea have written a book called ”The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience” but there’s no Oprah in it. Hillary said they left out some like Oprah and Angela Merkel because they get so much attention. She said she’s interested in people who are successful and overcome unbelievable obstacles. Howard asked if he would call her Senator or Madam Secretary. Hillary said it can be Hillary too. Howard said he doesn’t know her that well yet. He said it’s Madam Secretary because that’s the latest thing. He said it must be cool to be a senator too. He said you get to know them on a personal level and then she runs for president and they become so scummy to her. He asked if it’s hard to get past that. Hillary said it is. She said it’s 100 people and you’re in elevators with them and on the floor with them. She said it used to be that you were there constantly with them. She said it’s intense and you’re making coalitions all the time. She said some senator will be against you one day and with you the next. She said she had so many people that she worked with. Howard said they admire you and then you run for president and they scream at you.

Hillary said that some senators have never said a bad word about her. She said that there are those who have fallen off the edge and changed their personality and politics. She said Lindsay Graham is one of those. She said that she has travelled with him a lot. She said she went around the world with McCain and Lindsay and he was funny and self-deprecating. She said he believed in climate change back then too. She said she saw him as someone trying to figure out what he believed. She said she doesn’t know what has happened there. She said she doesn’t understand how he went from being a friend of John McCain to what he’s become. Hillary said he was in a cage for 5 years and she admired John even though she didn’t agree with him on all things. She said she’s not sure what has happened to Lindsay Graham. She said that years ago he wrote a tribute to her and now it’s like he had a brain snatch.

Howard said if she ran into Lindsay would she go over and say hello. Hillary said she probably would try to be. She said she would be. She said she went to the inauguration of Donald Trump. She said that was a very hard day for her. Howard said he was watching her more than Trump that day. He said she got 3 million more votes than that guy. He said he thinks she won. He said that he doesn’t get this electoral college thing. He said when you’re standing there watching this guy what is going through your head? He said she must have been on anti-depressants. Hillary said she was crushed and she didn’t know what had happened. She said everything was pointing in that direction that she was going to win.

Hillary said that she was there at the inauguration and her husband had been president so she felt she should be there. She said she ran for president because she loves this country and she wanted to serve. Howard said she would have been spectacular. Howard asked if she would be crushing NATO right now. Hillary said no because we need them.

Hillary said she was hoping that Trump would be a good president. She said she called him that night and told Donald she would do whatever she could to help him. She said he was so shocked he was barely able to talk. Howard said he was shocked. Hillary said when she got there she was sitting with Bill and George and Laura Bush. She said he started in on that speech and it was so bizarre. She said that’s when she got worried. She said a president is supposed to reach out to people who weren’t for them. She said you have to pull the country together. She was hoping to hear some of that but she didn’t. She said she was just sitting there like ”Wow.” She said George Bush said to her ”Well that was some weird shit.”

Howard asked if everyone was all in from the start. Hillary said she doesn’t think they were. She said a lot of the ones who have spoken out against him have left politics. Howard said that’s cowardly. Hillary said she thinks it is. She said if she had lost to a normal republican she would have been upset but this is such an odd thing. She said he’s so vindictive. She said she thinks some republicans thought they could handle Trump. She said now they’re just being cowardly.

Howard asked what she thinks when Trump has people chanting ”Lock her up” to this day. He asked if she fears for her life. Hillary said she does. She said there was a guy sending pipe bombs around not that long ago. She said that Trump incites violent emotions. She said that people are going around shooting places up and it’s like they’ve been released. She said that she’s not saying it’s a direct cause but people are getting worked up. Hillary said that Donald has made it like Pandora’s Box. She said that it’s hard to get back into the box.

Howard said he can’t imagine the despair that night she lost. He said when you have to do comedy sketches like on Saturday Night Live it’s not easy. Howard said Hillary has served presidents and been a senator. He said she cared about health care and all of that. Howard said she had to go out and do all of this BS. He said he saw her on Saturday Night Live and he knows she had to do it to show her personality. He said it has to be torture. Hillary said she has always enjoyed Saturday Night Live. She said it’s not easy for her because she’s not a comedian. She said she doesn’t mind it at all really. She said she enjoys doing stuff that makes people happy. Hillary said what she doesn’t understand is that they have trivialized politics and now it’s nothing but entertainment. She said there are serious issues. She said it’s like a game show now. She said the consequences are affecting real people.

Howard said he used to have a fantasy about her debating Trump and just have trump point out Russia on a map. He said just have him name a president of a country. Hillary said that he said the wall was going to be along Colorado. Howard said Gerald Ford messed up something once and he didn’t know about geography or history. He said he’d like to see them answer questions like that. Hillary said she kept thinking that they were going to get to the debates and they were going to be very determinative. She said that you can see moments when the audience goes. She said she thought he would stick with the same shtick. She said she thinks she won the debates but it doesn’t matter that much anymore. Howard said she was almost too nice. Hillary said she doesn’t know about that but she was very careful. She said she grew up in a time when you did not react to anything as a woman. She said she took a test in a room in college and these young men started harassing them saying they had no right to be there. She said that if they got a slot they’d have to go to Vietnam and lose their life. Hillary said they had to put their heads down and just take the test. Hillary said that she was a woman trying to do something that not all women had every done so she had to stay focused. She said that she just had to keep going. Howard said he understands that but it acts to your detriment now. Howard said she had that guy looming behind her on stage. Hillary said she could have told him to back up but the headlines would have been about her losing her calm and it would have worked against her. She said all the pundits would have said if she can’t take that how is she going to take Putin.

Howard said he remembers this guy Lazio running against her for Senate and he came into her space. Howard said guys do that with her all the time. Hillary said guys know it’s intimidating. Hillary said they were in Buffalo at the time and he called her out to sign a pledge for something. She said this was back in 2000. She said all the pundits said that he shook her. Howard said the guy sucked the air out of the room. He said he lost handily and she won. Hillary said the switch didn’t happen until the next day. She said the women all spoke up. She said the men were saying that was something and the women were asking who that guy thinks he is.

Howard said you have to learn to deal with men. He said he’s thinking that she can just turn to Trump and ask why he can’t release his taxes. He said that you just stay there and keep asking about it.

Hillary said she used to try lawsuits years ago. She said she’d try cases against male lawyers and they would be all shapes and sizes. She said there had no been women lawyers in a lot of the courtrooms in Arkansas. She said that one day she was trying a case and there were 5 guys in camouflage waiting for the trial to start. She said she asked the bailiff who they were and they were there to watch the lady lawyer in town. She said it was entertainment for them. She said things like that were firsts for her a lot. She said she would get called into court and she had no clothes. She said that she was told she could borrow some clothes from the judge’s daughter. She said a guy would be able to wear the same suit every day. Robin said Marcia Clark had to have a makeover because there were so many people commenting on her look.

Hillary said there are still double standards out there. She said that you have to deal with it and absorb it.

Howard asked if she’s behind anyone in particular. Hillary said she just wants someone who can win. She said she thinks according to the poles Biden is going to get the nomination. She said that they just need the electoral college. She said that you want to take the people who are all ready for you and add to them. She said it’s tricky. She said there’s also 24/7 news coverage. She said it never ends. She said you do something wrong and it’s everywhere. She said people have to understand the environment they’re in.

Howard said he knows she went to see Oklahoma the other night and he can’t imagine what that must be like for her and her husband. Hillary was coughing up a storm so she was muting her microphone. Hillary said they make a big deal out of it. Howard asked if she needs a cough drop. Hillary said she has one. She said she thought she’d come on and cough some more as she did during the election.

Howard said he was wondering what the preparation is for going out. He said the Secret Service has to go through their thing and then they have to go backstage and say hello to everyone or they’re considered douche bags. Howard said they’re like the Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin or something. He said they’re super well known and every move is scrutinized. Howard asked if she likes that. Hillary said she doesn’t mind it.

Howard asked if they have ever snuck out to see a movie or something. Hillary said they don’t have their own cars now but hey have done that.

Howard said he thinks when you have Secret Service they’re almost like the fathers who have to worry about your every move. He said you become infantilized. Hillary said Howard’s therapy is paying off. She said he’s very insightful. Howard asked if she has ever tried therapy. Hillary said she hasn’t. She said she has done some counselling but it wasn’t very intensive. She said it was a psychologist. Howard said he would think she would go to an MD. Hillary said she had a lot going on with her in the 90s so that’s why she went.

Howard said he read about a sweet movement about her and her husband laying down at night and he takes her hand and holds it. Hillary said he did. Howard said that’s a sweet gesture. Hillary said she’s going to cry. She said she lost 2 friends and a brother this year. She said she misses all three of them so much. She said they died in May, June and July. She said she lost her brother in June. She said she lost a close friend in May. She said her name was Ellen Towsher. She said she lost her best friend from 6th grade to cancer. She ran out of things to keep her alive and she died in July.

Howard asked if Hillary thinks about death. Hillary said she thinks about it a little bit because she has lost 3 people lately. Howard asked if she’s religious. Hillary said she is spiritual. Howard asked if she thinks she goes somewhere. Hillary said she does. She said she thinks religious beliefs and science are interchangeable. She said that she thinks energy keeps ongoing. Howard said that’s comforting.

Howard asked if she dreamed about being president as a girl. Hillary said not at all. Howard asked if she dreamed about being a lawyer. Hillary said not that either. She didn’t think about it until she was in college.

Howard asked what she means when she says her father is gruff. Hillary said he was a hard-working man but he didn’t understand ways of communicating. She said he would yell a lot. She said he would knock her brothers around a lot and he was old fashioned. Howard asked if she was afraid of him. Hillary said she was not. She said that he was so much like the other men in the neighbourhood she grew up in. She said they all had that kind of depression and World War II mentality. She said they wanted to work and they loved sports. Howard said that’s how he knew men too. He said he just had to have kids and make money and he was done. Hillary said they would play ball together and he would pitch and coach her. She said that he was a man of his time. Howard said her mother is more complex. He said it reminds him of his mother. Hillary said her mother was born to two teenagers. She said they were immature and they didn’t know how to take care of her. She said her mom told her that when she was 3 years old her mother was going to go out so her mother gave her a meal coupon so when she was hungry she should go out and down to the restaurant around the corner and get fed. She was 3 years old. Hillary said back then they didn’t have a cafeteria in school. She said that she was neglected. She said she had a little sister and she was put on a train at 8 and her sister was 5. She said they sent her to live with her paternal grandparents and they didn’t want them either. She said the son didn’t want them so they were sent there for 4-5 years and it was miserable. She said her mom took a job as a housekeeper and baby sitter at 13 years old. She said she didn’t know this when she was a little girl.

Howard asked how that affects you. He asked how her mother has anything to give her. Hillary said what was remarkable about her mother is like Howard’s mother. She said she was depressed. She said she wouldn’t want to get out of bed. She said maybe not a day went by that she didn’t wonder why she wasn’t loved. Hillary said once she learned about this she asked how she survived and turned out to be resilient. She said her mother told her at critical moments someone was kind to her. She said that when she didn’t have food in the first grade her teacher would bring her food. She said she’d ask her if she wanted her extra sandwich.

Howard said he imagines Hillary growing up and her mother not taking care of her needs. He said he imagines her telling her that she has to stop her nonsense. Hillary said she never said that. She said what she would say was short of that. She said her mother wanted her to have the best life and education and make the best of what she had. Hillary said her mother was a great person. She said she never lost her desire to learn things. Hillary said she didn’t get to go to college. She said she wasn’t even sure she could go to high school. She said the woman who employed her asked if she wanted to go to high school. She said the house was one town over from where she wanted to go. She said the woman said if you get up early and get your chores done you can go to school but you have to come back. Hillary said this was a gift to her mother. She said she would run to school and run back. She said she only had two blouses. Howard said it sounds like she was a slave. Hillary said her mom said the mother and father in that house loved each other. She said she learned to be a mother and wife in that household.

Hillary said that her mother’s mother contacted her and asked her to come to Chicago and they’d send her to college. She said that she left California and they refused to send her to college because they wanted her to clean house for them. She said it was worse for her. She said her mother was smart enough that she knew what it was like to raise children and she worked at it and was very supportive and loving.

Howard asked if she was a hard worker. Hillary said she is a very hard worker. Howard said that’s why he wanted her to be president. Hillary said she was smart enough. Howard said she was captain of the hall patrol. Howard said he was too. He said that he got beaten up for that. He asked if she wore the belt and all of that. Hillary said she did. Howard said he was in a tough neighbourhood and they beat him up for being like the police. He said it was a nightmare.

Howard said Hillary got into Wellesley. He asked if she ever had her IQ tested. Hillary said she didn’t. She said her father went to Penn State on a scholarship. Howard said he must have been a tough guy. She said he played football and boxed. She said her brothers found out about the boxing. Howard asked if her mother ever stepped in when her father would throw them around. Hillary said she would.

Howard asked if Wellesley was all girls. Hillary said it was. Howard asked if she had boyfriends in high school. Hillary said she did. She said she loved someone before Bill. Howard asked if she would have married that guy. Hillary said no but she was in love. Howard said that guy must be pissed he didn’t lock her down. Hillary said she dated a lot. She said she was pretty popular. Howard said boys were not her problem. Hillary said she had not met anyone she wanted to marry before she met Bill.

Howard asked if she ran for class president. Hillary said she did and she lost. She said that she helped a guy out who was running. She said she liked to help. Howard said he was shocked that Obama picked her for running for Secretary of State. Howard said he would be thinking that he could be doing that job as President. Hillary said that he gets elected and he asked her to come to meet with him. She said the economy was a mess and he needed her help. She said that he asked her to go around and restore our relationships around the world. Hillary said things were touch and go between them for a while.

Howard said he remembers her Hillary Care and how she got vilified for that. Howard said then this new senator came into town. Howard said Bill and Obama are two of the best orators. Hillary said it was deep security and integrity. She said it was very adult. Howard said that she used to get a lot about her voice and hair and speaking. He asked if she ever asked Bill how he was connecting the way he did. He said it’s an incredible skill. He said the campaign seems to rely on that. He said he wants a good executive to run the country. Hillary said Bill and Obama had to clean up the country and they did. She said they left it off better when they left.

Howard said he thinks that Hillary has something in common with Elizabeth Warren. He said people have a hard time connecting with her. He said that Warren was talking about how she met her husband. She asked the guy out. He said she was the one who asked him to marry her. Howard said he thinks he has this right but Hillary was at Yale and she was sitting in the library and she saw Bill was staring at her. Hillary said that’s true. Howard said she went up to Bill and said that he should introduce himself to her. Howard said that’s a vulnerable position to put yourself in. Hillary said she had seen him around campus and he looked like a Viking back in those days. She said he had a reddish beard. Howard said he doesn’t think she’d be attracted to that. Hillary said she did though. Howard said this guy is walking around with the red beard and they were like Hippies. Howard said they thought they were being outrageous wearing what they wore but they were all wearing the same thing. He said they were all followers. Howard said someone said that to him when he was growing up and he was right.

Howard said Hillary went to Bill and said they should get to know each other. Hillary said she went right up to him and said they should get to know each other if they’re going to be staring at each other. Hillary said that she introduced herself to him then and that’s how they met.

Howard asked if Bill was a Rhodes Scholar at that point. Hillary said he was. Howard asked what happened next. Hillary said they were in the same class but he never showed up. She said he was busy with helping out with a campaign. Hillary said that things were magnetic with them. She said she wanted someone with a good heart who was smart and had ambition. She said if you’re in Yale you have some ambition. Howard said he knew a guy who went to Yale and he got a lot of jobs as a freshman.

Howard asked if Hillary about the romance between her and Bill. Hillary said the last day of the class he finally showed up. She said they were walking about and he asked where she was going. She said she was going to register for classes. She said Bill went with her. She said they had a conversation and the registrar asked why Bill was there. He had already registered that morning. She said that they went on a 5-hour date that wasn’t really formal. She said they got to the Yale art museum and they had closed because they were on strike. Hillary said Bill said that he could get her into the museum. She said he went off and came back and had a gentleman with him who was a janitor. He said he’d let them in if they pick up the trash on the lawn. She said they did that and got to go in and see the Rothcos in the museum. Howard said that reminds him of a movie he saw. He said he doesn’t remember the name of the movie. Howard said this guy is a born people person. He said the janitor didn’t know him at college. Howard said Bill loves people.

Hillary said Bill says everyone has a story and everyone has the right to have their story told. Howard said he was a great president. He said he could have had Bill and Hillary running the country as a team. He asked if he gave her advice. Hillary said sometimes he would. She said being a senator was a great job. She said she loved that job. She said she loved representing New York. She said that her job started in 2001 9 months into her job 9/11 happened. She said that became her job.

Howard said Al Franken was great. Hillary said he did a good job in the senate. She said he worked really hard. Howard said he really did. Howard asked who she thinks is the best President other than her husband. Hillary said Lincoln. She said that Washington would be 1 degree off. She said that they understood the job. She said they both exercised thoughtful disciplined approaches to the job.

Howard said they wanted to make Washington king. He said he turned that down. Hillary said he quit after 2 terms too. She said she thinks Lincoln faced the worst possible choices. She said Washington was in the creative mode. She said there are some great works about Lincoln that she has read. She said she has a friend who has written some of that stuff. She said that it’s really good. She said it has stuff in it that other people don’t have. She said he felt he had to save the union and he had to make compromises. She said that he concluded that we can’t have the United States with slavery. She said you look at the way he got older and older and broken down and he lived with the responsibilities he had. Howard said he had the whole United States at war. Hillary said it was a brutal war. She said they just went to see the Harriet movie. She said it was very good and very true to life. She said Harriet is in her book.

Howard said Mr. Rogers’s movie was really good too. He said he wasn’t into him as a kid. He said he was into Soupy Sales. Howard said he didn’t have Mr. Rogers as a kid. He said his kids would watch him but they were bored by him. He said when you see this movie you fall in love with the guy. Hillary said she read something about Mr. Rogers and she decided to watch old versions of the show and her kids were watching it. She said it was like her kids exhaled and just watched this gentleman about being kind and they loved it. Howard said he had no idea who this guy was but Tom Hanks was great in it.

Howard said he has to find out more about Bill and Hillary’s romance. He said he read that she loved the Brenda Starr comic when she was growing up. Hillary said she was so romantic.

Hillary said she and Bill went out to dinner on a formal date. Howard asked if they had kissed at this point. Hillary said not at the museum but they got there. She said in those days they played hard to get. Hillary said she still had a boyfriend at the time. She said it was someone from college. She said she had met him at Wellesley. She said she had been seeing him for about 2 years at the time. Howard asked if she felt guilty about that. Hillary said not yet. She said they hadn’t done anything yet. Hillary said she loved this guy too. Howard asked who knew all of this. He said she was a catch. Hillary said she doesn’t know about that. She said her boyfriend was a conscientious objector. She said he had to do an alternative service in Alabama and then Vermont. Howard said he wasn’t able to be with her. Hillary said she did visit him in Alabama and Vermont. She said she got him a car that would freeze every day and she had to get it jumped all the time. Hillary said she would drive to Vermont and the car would stop. She said it was a messy car. She said they were kind of winding down at that point. Howard asked if she Facebooks this guy. Hillary said he actually died and she went to his funeral. Howard asked if he contacted her after she hooked up with Bill. Hillary said they stayed in touch. She said Bill thought he was a terrific guy too.

Howard asked if she kept tabs on this guy the whole time. Hillary said she just liked him. She said he was a good guy. He was really handsome too. She said he was very attractive and like a Greek god. She said contrary to what you might hear she likes men. Howard asked if she has ever had a lesbian affair. Hillary said never. Robin said when women hang out they get accused of that.

Hillary got back to her romance with Bill. She said they had a party in her dorm room. She said it was a couple of days after she went to the art museum with Bill. She said Bill stuck around and they talked and talked all night practically. She said it was great. She said a day later she got sick and they were supposed to go out. She said that she called and he came over with orange juice and chicken soup. She said they started dating after that. She said she broke up with the other guy. She said she went to see him to break up. She said she went to Vermont to do that. Hillary said she told him what was going on but they had already started to separate.

Hillary said she and Bill started dating and then they graduated in 1973. She said he took her to England and France. She said they ended up in the lake country in 1973 and he asked her to marry him and she said no. She said she wasn’t ready yet. She said she still had things she wanted to do before marriage.

Hillary said in 1974 Bill got a call from a guy who asked Bill to be part of the impeachment enquiry into Richard Nixon. Bill said he was going to run for congress and Bill put John Dorr on the phone with her and she got the job. She said she went to Washington after that.

Howard said imagine if Nixon had done what Trump is doing now. He said if he had done what Trump is doing by denying it he may have survived. Hillary said she was on the case from January until he did resign. She said they were just looking at the evidence. Howard said he wasn’t a horrible president. Hillary said Nixon did some great things like starting the EPA. She said he opened the door to China too. Hillary said he was a republican of a different era. She said he got the biggest electoral victory in the country. She said that Nixon got the point that he had yes men around him. She said in June of 1974 she was listening to the tapes that had been turned over. She said that when they went to the impeachment articles they were all being very discrete. She said it was obvious that he had obstructed justice. Howard said she got out of yale and then she’s investigating the President of the United States.

Howard said he saw that Hillary got to meet Martin Luther King. Hillary said she got to shake hands with him. Howard asked how that happened. Hillary said it was because of her church. Hillary said the guy who ran the church wanted to show there was a world outside of their white neighbourhood. She said that Martin Luther King was coming to Chicago so they wanted to take the kids to see him. Howard asked how she got to meet him. Hillary said he gave a sermon and they stood in line to meet him and shake his hand. Howard said this is so crazy. He said Bill got to meet JFK and then she gets to meet King. Howard said this is such a charmed life. Hillary said it’s also where they put themselves. She said she wasn’t interested in politics when she was a kid but she was interested in these people.

Howard said Bill becomes a governor of Arkansas and they’re married. He said he thinks about her expertise and education. He said being the first lady of Arkansas is something but not enough. He said he thinks it’s wasting who she is. Hillary said he was practicing law and she was always deeply committed. She said she tried to have an integrated life. Howard said he thinks she’d want to be in public life. Hillary said she miscalculated something. She said they got married in 1975. She said she kept her name Hillary Rodham for her job. She said she was trying to avoid conflict. She said it became a huge issue and backfired on her. She said it was 1975 and then Chelsea was born in 1980 and they gave both of their names. Howard asked if Bill took it as not being able to control his woman. Hillary said there was some of that too. She said there was so much distraction there.

Howard said Bill becomes President and does she think about how she could do that too. Hillary said not at all. She said in Arkansas she felt like she was doing good work. She said when they get to Washington it’s another big deal. She said Bill asked if she wanted to be involved in fixing health care. She said she wanted to do that. Howard said she took a lot of crap for that too. Hillary said it was a tough thing to do in Washington.

Howard asked who the greatest first lady was. Hillary said she would say, Eleanor Roosevelt. She said she pushed her husband on many things and she was his eyes, ears and legs. Howard asked if she looked at her and thought she had to live up to that standard. Hillary said absolutely. Hillary said that her husband didn’t want her in the formal mix.

Howard asked if she ever called former first ladies when Bill was elected. Hillary said of course she did. She said she had a great meeting with Jackie Kennedy. She said she went to her apartment on 5th Ave. She said it was a really nice apartment. She said she supported Bill. She said when he was elected it was such an abrupt change. She said you don’t drive your own car and you’re confined all the time. Hillary said she went to see Jackie and it was so great. She said what she was focused on was making the White House a home for their daughter. She said she was funny and gracious.

Howard asked if it was tough to move Chelsea to the White House. Hillary said they had to make a lot of decisions about where to go to school and things like that. She said she had the Paparazzi following her around. She said that Chelsea is always defending Baron Trump because she knew what all of that was like for her.

Hillary said she had great conversations with the former first ladies. She said they would go to different events together. She said she didn’t get to know Pat Nixon but she admired Betty Ford. She said she put her in the book. She said she really did something for Breast cancer by making it okay to say the word breast. Hillary said her mother had a friend who had breast cancer and she died. Hillary said Betty Ford got breast cancer and she would get dressed up and she went out and started talking about it on the air. She said she saved lives that day. She said then she started the Betty Ford center. Howard said this is why we have to remember history. Howard said he was ashamed when he had his kidney scare. He said for someone to come out like Betty Ford did was insane. He said Gerald Ford wasn’t a terrible president either. Hillary said he pardoned Nixon and that was controversial but he had been punished already. She said she thinks he did the right thing by resigning.

Hillary said that they had to do an intervention with Betty Ford for her addiction. She said that’s the kind of courage that can make a difference in someone’s life. Howard said Michael Dukakis’ wife had an addiction too. He said that it all leads up to something. Hillary said people are much more willing to talk about it now.

Howard said when Hillary had that fainting spell they had her dead in the news. Hillary said she was out doing her schedules and she had to go out and do a 9/11 event. She said she got to that site that day and Chuck Schumer met her. Howard asked if she likes Chuck. Hillary said she does. She said he told her that he had the flu for 5 days. He said she started to feel sick that day and she went out and said some words. She said that they made it seem like she was dead and out of the grave.

Howard asked if she’s getting her pneumonia shot and all of that. Hillary said she does and she asked if he got the Shingles vaccine. Howard said he did that and the flu. Howard and Hillary talked about vaccines for a minute.

Howard said Hillary’s book ”The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience” is out now. She wrote the book with her daughter Chelsea.

Howard said he has a list of gutsy women that are in the book. Hillary said they wrote the book and had to cut it in half. She said it could have been 1000 pages.

Howard said his father said that if the public saw Camp David they would be outraged. Hillary said it’s a military base. She said it’s very rustic. She said there are pictures online of it. Howard asked why they won’t show it. Hillary said Trump is going to have the G7 summit there. Howard said that’s because he can’t have it at his club. Hillary said that’s right.

Howard said he would like to get awards from Hillary. He said he wants to know who her favorite congressmen are. He rattled off some names and went over them with Hillary.

Howard asked if she can go to the supermarket. Hillary said she does. Howard asked if the secret service is right there with her. Hillary said they hang back. Howard said he would be scared when Trump has his followers chanting ”Lock her up.” all the time. Hillary said you can’t be scared. Howard said he would love to have a full secret service detail with him. He said he’d have people kept away from him. He said he had people sitting behind him at the theatre. He said he doesn’t trust anyone. He said he has his own secretary of state and President.

Hillary said when you’re as well known as they are you know people are going to come up to you. She said you can do it without bothering people. Howard said the selfie thing is the worst. Hillary said it is tough. She said the thing she misses is that they used to go do a rope line and people would shake your hand. She said they’d say something. She said now they don’t say anything. She said they just take a picture. Hillary said by 2016 is just about taking the picture. She said you don’t learn about the person’s life and she misses that.

Howard asked Hillary if she thinks going to some of those places she skipped in 2016 would have made a difference. Hillary said you never know. She said that the Russians and Wikileaks did a number on her. She said they’re going to do the same to whoever runs this time. Hillary said that Comey’s letter really got her in the end. Hillary said she has told people running that they can run the best campaign and get the nomination but you have to watch for voter suppression and things like that. She said you have to watch out for your personal email being stolen. She said they will use it to paint a picture of you that’s totally untrue and made up. She said they can twist anything. She said they will also lie about you on social media. She said particularly Facebook.

Hillary said there was a study done after her election. She said they went to people who voted for Obama in 2012 and Trump in 2016. She said they said it was all about what they saw on Facebook. Howard said now they call the NY Times liars. He said it’s the greatest paper of all time. Hillary said people are genuinely confused. She said people believed that she was dying back then. She said that they also believed that she had gotten arms to ISIS and that the Pope had endorsed Trump. She said it’s a very strange time.

Howard said he has the perception that the presidency is that you only get one major push done. He said she would have had a tough time if she was elected. Howard asked what she would have wanted to get done. Hillary said she would have had to have tried to get more than one thing done. She said health care is one thing and immigration is another. She said she also would have lined up people to be put in as judges.

Howard said the economy isn’t going to be fixed by the person who follows someone like Obama who was trying to get it better. He asked if Trump should take a bow on the economy or is that Obama. Hillary said she gives the bulk of it to Obama. She said the economy is on an even keel but there are some problems forming underneath. She said the trade battles are going to be a problem. She said they’re short term wins and long term losses. She said the tax cut was a boon for the corporations and wealthy. She said that there are people who don’t have $400 to put together. She said car payments are late and that’s building up. She said that we have some slack in the economy. She said that she’s not hoping for collapse. She said she worries that we’re not on a solid economy.

Howard asked if she was wishing that the Osama bin Laden thing was her presidency. Hillary said not at all. She said she was there to see it all going down. Howard asked if she can tell her husband about it before it happens. Hillary said not at all.

Hillary said Obama called Bill and told him before she did. She said it was an intense public experience for her. She said they met numerous times and they looked at the intelligence to figure out if it was real or not. She said the final day of the last meeting Obama went around the table and asked everyone what they thought. Biden said don’t do it. She said the risks were enormous. She said they were going to fly into Pakistan and launch an assault on the worst terrorist of all time. She said this was presidential decision making. She said he had to make that decision and he slept on it. She said that she thought they should do it. She said she was in New York the day after 9/11. She said she likes that he took the time to think about it. She said she doesn’t like impulsive people.

Howard asked if she saw bin Laden die. Hillary said the cameras went off right before it happened. She said that they didn’t see it live.

Hillary said you know about the SEALs going in and the helicopter crashing. She said they tried to think of every scenario. She said they had another helicopter there to take them out. She said they had to blow up the chopper that crashed. She said they had to take the body of bin Laden out of there too. She said they took the women and children out of the compound and took them away from the helicopter they had to blow up. She said she loves that about the military. She said that she hates that about Trump getting the military guy off who committed war crimes. She said there are rules for warfare. She said that you have to be punished if you don’t follow those rules. She said they didn’t kill these people and they moved them to safety. Howard said what a bunch of great guys. He said it brings tears to his eyes hearing that story. Robin said that’s a level of quality service.

Howard asked if Hillary thinks we should be in a panic because of what we don’t even know about. Hillary said we have been saved over and over. Howard said she’s talking about foiled plots and things like that. Hillary said turning spies our way and things like that is what she’s talking about. Howard said there are devious people out there. Hillary said there are people working against us constantly. She said that’s what drives her nuts about the republicans defending Russia and Putin. She said the Russians can divide us and they’re succeeding. She said for whatever reason Trump is in that camp with them. She said we see that he’s an admirer of dictators. He said it bothers her that republican senators are going with that.

Howard asked if she thinks there is anything crazy at Area 51. Hillary said she would have wanted to go visit if she was president. Howard said he wants to know what’s there.

Howard asked if it bothers her that her fellow democrats are angry with her wanting to run again. He said even her allies are against it. Hillary said some of them are. Howard asked if she just wants to get out and never be heard from again. Hillary said she would never do that because it would only make her adversaries happy. Hillary said she has knowledge about this Russia threat. She said she has seen things and she knows that here is a threat.

Howard asked if we’re against Bernie. Hillary said not at all. She said she’s kind of disappointed that he didn’t endorse her. She said he came in too late. She said that we have to join forces and beat Trump. She said they have to get that done. She said that Trump has such rage against people who are against him. She said 60 Minutes did a story about the Russian hackers and they proved that it worked. She said it works when a Nigerian prince calls someone and convinces them to send them thousands of dollars.

Howard said they should be regulating the ads on Facebook. Hillary said that they really should be. She said it’s freaky. Howard asked if she will endorse anyone right now. Hillary said he’s going to endorse whoever the democratic nominee is. Howard said he would back Bloomberg. He said Buttigieg is interesting. Hillary said he’s very smart. Howard said her husband was some president. Hillary said people forget that in November of 2012 Mitt Romney was ahead. She said Mitt is a decent man but now that they can see that one person can have such power we have to get behind whoever it is.

Howard said he has to disagree with one person they have in the book. He said Sally Ride is in there. Howard said she had a young child at home. Hillary said she didn’t have a young child. that was Christa McAuliffe. Howard said he’s wrong then.

Howard said she’s right about Helen Keller. He said she’s in the book. He went over her with Hillary.

Howard asked if she considered Caitlyn Jenner. Hillary said no but she did put Danica Rome in there. Howard said anyone who is transgender has to be brave. Hillary said yes. Robin said Bruce Jenner had this history and he had this to deal with.

Howard asked who was better looking, Bill or her former boyfriend. Hillary said they were totally different looking. Howard said that was a good way to put it.

Howard went through more names of women who are in Hillary’s book. Hillary said she wants people to be inspired by these people. Howard said he would have put Joan Rivers in there.

Howard said Geraldine Ferarro is in the book but he feels that she cost the election for Mondale. Hillary said she’s not sure about that. Hillary said she wouldn’t have put her in the book if she thought that.

Howard said Hillary included Ellen Degeneres in her book. Howard said he has her in his book too. Howard said she was very brave to come out like she did. Howard said when someone comes out it’s still a big deal. Hillary said she handled it very well.

Howard said Ellen got in trouble for showing George Bush something on her phone and it turns out it was a painting of his. Hillary said he should talk to him about that.

Howard said Hillary has this girl Greta Thunberg in the book. He said how about this kid. He said they call her names but this is a 16-year-old who is amazing. Hillary said we are condemning our planet and it makes her sick. She said she would have been on it if she had gotten into office. She said they would be into renewables more.

Howard ran down the list of people Hillary included in the book. He said her book is number 1. Howard said his book was number 1 and he asked them to put an ad out and they said no. He said they just want him to talk about it.

Howard asked if she worked with Jonathan Karp over there. Hillary said she did. Howard went over more women on the list. He said he has to read her book because he needs to know more history.

Howard said he doesn’t get Poetry. He said that Hillary has Maya Angelou in the book. Hillary told Howard why she thinks she should be in the book. Robin said she thinks that she’s the creation of Oprah Winfrey.

Howard and Hillary talked about Nelson Mandela for a short time. Hillary told Howard about a speech he gave after getting out of jail and thanked three white jailers who had treated him like a man. She said Nelson was modelling what you should strive for. Howard said he’s so moved by that. He said what a guy. He said what a world we live in. He said it’s like the second coming of Jesus.

Howard said it has been great to have her in there. He said he was begging her to come on the show. He said it’s a weird thing that he has to tell her. He said Lee Abrams used to label the audience. He said he called some earth dogs. He said it wasn’t a negative word but it meant a working-class kind of guy. Howard said he thought that if she had been elected that it would be spectacular. He said he thought he could talk to her like a person and say to the earth dog audience that this is a cool woman. He said she cares and she has devoted her life to public service. He said he was hoping to get a couple more votes there. Hillary said she didn’t know about it but she probably wouldn’t have done it. She said in a presidential campaign the priorities weren’t done the way they should be. She said that Trump would do everything. She said she thinks she made a miscalculation. Howard said she just wants to get to work.

Robin said she did see her doing other radio shows. Howard said they don’t know if it would have moved the needle or not.

Robin asked who these people are that are the ”deep state.” Hillary said this is a term that was coined to describe certain countries like Pakistan. She explained what they were talking about and how it has a particular meaning. Robin said it started being used by Trump and his associates and it was so wrong-headed. She said they have seen it in the impeachment. Hillary said they’re maligning the military and civil service workers. Hillary said she knows these people and they aren’t just democrats. She said they put the country first. She said they are not plotting against the president. She said they have an obligation to say something if they see an abuse of power. She said Trump was trying to use Ukraine for his own personal gain. Howard said he’s so disenchanted by what’s going on.

Howard gave Hillary a plug for her book and talked to her about being a Fabian fan when she was younger. Howard said his sister was too. He talked to her about Paul McCartney who she’s a huge fan of. They talked about the Rolling Stones and how great they think they are.

Howard found out Hillary has met Mick and Keith and her mother was a huge fan of Keith. Hillary told a story about how they had Keith call her mother for her birthday.

Howard asked Hillary how much time she can spend with her grandkids before she has to get out of the room. Hillary said it is exhausting. She said they spend a lot of time together though.

Howard said he’s sorry he kept her so long but who knows if he’ll ever see her again.

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