Howard Stern was molested

Howard said he wishes he could read every email he gets. He said it’s one person after another asking him for shit. Howard said he gets requests to be on the show and to get meetings with Tim Sabean and to help out with web sites and all of this other stuff. He said he’s like the Godfather. That led to Fred playing a Godfather movie clip.

Howard said he opens up his email and tells Beth about it. He said that everyone has a life or death situation there and he’s not sure how he got involved. Howard said a couple of friends just say hi and send him some funny stuff. Howard said he gets work-related stuff but then he gets this other mail asking for stuff. Howard said he gave out his email to these people thinking they were friends but they just want something from him.

Howard said he was reading about Mickey Mantle and how he was sexually assaulted by some family members. Howard said he may have been sexually molested as a child too. He said he uncovered a memory that upsets him and he’s not really sure if it’s molestation.

Howard said there was a person, who he won’t name, who told him to sit on his lap. Howard said he sat on his lap and the guy stuck his hand on his balls and started to push his hand under his balls. He said the guy caused him pain. He jumped off his lap and he was freaked out. Howard asked if that’s molestation. Robin said yes, it is. Howard said he was molested then. Howard said this memory came back and two people witnessed it and didn’t say anything. Robin said sometimes people don’t know what to do in a situation like that. Robin said that people won’t say anything because they think they’ll never see that person again or that he won’t do it ever again. Howard said he was just a little kid at the time and no one was protecting him.

Howard said he was sent to schools where he wasn’t protected either. He said that things just weren’t good for him. Robin said that Eminem was able to turn it into a career. Howard said he wasn’t able to do that. He never thought to rhyme to get through it.

Howard said he thinks about this person squeezing his balls when he was young. Robin said no one should have their hands on a young boy’s balls unless it’s the parents washing them. Howard said he now has a story. Robin said he could relate that to Oprah. Howard said life it fucked up. Howard said he was starting to feel glad he had a story like that to share.

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