Howard Stern for Vice President?

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, asked the America’s Got Talent judge if he would consider being his running mate in the 2016 US Presidential election.

With his perfect comedic talent, Stern replied calmly, “I usually don’t play second fiddle, but in this case, I might.”

Ventura, who is toying with the idea of running as an independent in 2016, didn’t hide his enthusiasm about having someone who carries the weight, and the cache of Stern, the world’s best known radio personality.

“With my new gig on America’s Got Talent, I’ve got mass appeal now. The people will vote for me,” said Stern.

Ventura first entered politics in 1991 as Mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, and served one term. He then ran for Governor of Minnesota under the Reform Party, winning the race in 1998 and serving from January 4, 1999 to January 6, 2003. Ventura declined to run for a second term due to health concerns for his wife.

“Look at my political history. I only do one term. I did one term as mayor, one term as governor. You could end up being President,” said Ventura.

“I don’t want to be President. You can be the rock star. I don’t need the aggravation,” replied Stern.

Playing on his popularity, Stern joked, “I’ve got the hair of George Washington. It’s retro, people love it.”

True enough, Howard, but I still doubt that the world is ready to see your punim carved into the granite face of South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore next to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

Ventura, is a rare breed of person. Looking at him you might disregard him due to his professional wrestling background, but once you realize Ventura served as a Navy Seal, has written multiple best selling books, has acted (hello Reagan), and has won every political race he’s entered, all of a sudden, he doesn’t seem like a madman.

“If I can debate them, I can beat them,” a confident Ventura declared.

Speaking of various topics, including the White House’s request to YouTube to censor The Innocence of Muslims video which was recently blamed for the riots in the Middle East, Ventura touched on why he wants to run.

“We ain’t the country we used to be,” said Ventura, but with him and Stern running the show, “we will be better than the country we used to be.”

Ventura ended with a call to action for all Stern listeners. Get out there, organize, and get him ballet access in all 50 states. If he has the grassroots support behind him, he’ll run.

And while Ventura has made his political standings known as governor, supporting gay rights, abortion, medical marijuana, and property tax reform, Stern’s political aspirations boiled down to five words.

“Can we blow up Iran?”

In all seriousness Jesse Ventura is actually considering running for office. For the Alex Jones fans out there:

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