Howard Stern: Hogan drop the lawsuit against Bubba the Love Sponge

Howard Stern wants the lawsuit against Bubba the Love Sponge dropped, saying that Hulk Hogan knew a sex tape was being made with Heather Clem.

“I’m getting you out of this lawsuit,” Stern told Bubba Clem on his SiriusXM show Wednesday.

“I will get Hogan and Bubba together. I think what Bubba is saying is making a lot of sense. I think if Hogan could hear it and I can translate a little bit and calm everyone down, I think we could see through this …I think I can get Hulk Hogan to take you out of this lawsuit.”

However, Hogan and his legal team disagrees. One of Hogan’s lawyers, David Houston told the Daily News:

“This is not the Bubba Show, it’s litigation. Thanks to Bubba for making our case against him better. We look forward to seeing him in court. At that time it will not be a runaway rant. His time is coming.”

Hogan and Bubba the Love Sponge have been battling it out ever since it was revealed that he not only knew about the sex tape with Heather Clem, but he had also taped himself saying it would be worth big bucks. Since they are no longer friends, Bubba has been calling Hogan a “hypocritical fraud” on the radio. He insists he is innocent, although the voice on the videotape proves otherwise.

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  1. What a friggin joke Bubba is, nobody is going to believe for a second that you did not release this tape to someone. You are just a fat looser who won the lottery and scored a radio show, people like Hogan made your Tampa show relevant by coming on and you explited his personal problems for your own gain not to help him in any way. Hogan made some seriously bad choices and is guilty of getting into situatiions like this, but you illegally taped him and then let it get out. What kind of an idiot are you, you say right on the tape to your whore wife that you can sell it for money, the reason you waited is probably that now its raining and you needed the money, and it’s likely Linda who paid you to do it! Say whatever you like about Hogan but he is the victim of a crime here, you and your goldigger slut ex are just that and nothing more. As for you Howard, please stop trying to play the innocent bystander in this. Bubba is your employee so trying to act as though you had no knowledge is an insult to us intelligent listeners. I hope Hogan wins a big setllement and fat Bubba goes to prison for a while to get F$%#ked in the ass so that others will learn that you cannot get away with crimes like this. Also, you were in your office watching the whole time Bubba, trying to purport a story that you never saw the video is also stupid and nobody will ever believe you. You just are envious of Hulk and his big dick, and the fact you needed other men to satisfy your whore wife! No need to wonder why she married you, certainly wasnt for your hot bod or good looks, and you probavly have a kid size penis to boot LOL.


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