Howard Stern: I’m not sure if I’m returning

Is Howard Stern jockeying for more money or is he really considering not returning to AGT?

I’m still working on the decision about America’s Got Talent,” said Stern yesterday on SiriusXM Radio Show. “You know, like the Magic 8 Ball, the answer is still fuzzy. I’m thinking about it, though, I’m thinking about it seriously.”

Stern went on to suggest that his brash personality played a large role in America’s Got Talent’s ratings wins this past summer.

“You’ve got to be original. You can’t sit and look at focus groups. You can’t read your comments on Twitter,” he explained.

The radio presenter concluded: “You’ve got to go ahead and do what’s true to your heart, and that’s what I tell people on America’s Got Talent. It’s really the basic truth: You just have to go ahead and do what you think is right.”

America’s Got Talent returns in the summer of 2013 to NBC.

2 thoughts on “Howard Stern: I’m not sure if I’m returning”

  1. To me AGT sucked before howard and sucked since then. I tried to watch it but so boring.

    I really hope howard doesn’t resign for AGT. All he did watch bitch and moan the entire time.

  2. Howard will return to agt. This was a standard play for more money. Let the suits get nervous and see if they will cough up more cash. I was talking to howard about it last week and he said (with kind of a sly smile) If the cash shows up so will I. I do not fault him for it, his time is worth many ratings points and no one is forced to pay him. If they think he is being unreasonable in his demands they can just say no and move on to someone else. It is a free market economy. Howard is a shrewd business man and his business acumen should never be under estimated. Stern has done something that I thought would be impossible and indeed it might be, for anyone other than howard. He has become a wealthy man without ever losing his connection with and his voice as a working class individual. That may sound easy but it is a very difficult task. How many other people as wealthy as howard still can speak with the voice of a working class man? Try the number zero.


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