Howard Stern meets Paul McCartney and Deepak Chopra

Howard Stern and wife Beth Ostrosky joined a host of A list celebrities on the red carpet outside the Harlem’s Apollo Theater Monday night for the exclusive Paul McCartney concert celebrating Sirius XM’s 20 millionth subscriber.

The invitation only concert was attended by Jerry Seinfeld, Martha Stewart, Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon, Little Steven, Jimmy Fallon, John McEnroe, Deepak Chopra, Paul Simon, Keith Richards, Alec Baldwin, Lorne Michaels, Ben Stiller and Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate.

A lucky handful of Sirius XM subscribers attended the event as well.

Paul McCartney reportedly played a two hour, 27 song in the intimate Apollo setting. The concert was also broadcast live on six different Sirius XM channels.

1 thought on “Howard Stern meets Paul McCartney and Deepak Chopra”

  1. This event should have been for the fans… not celebrities. As reported, Paul McCartney even asked the crowd at one point, “How many non-celebrities in the audience?” and there was only a sputtering of claps.

    Fuck howard. He could easily pay PmC to play a free MSG show for the fans who have supported him for 20-30 years.


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