Howard Stern not impressed by Mel B

americas judgeHoward Stern reveled this week that he was not impressed by the choice of Mel B as the new judge of America’s Got Talent.

Stern was on vacation when NBC announced that Mel B would replace Sharon Osbourne. While Mel B says she’s thrilled to be working with Howard Stern and Howie Mandel, Stern had a different reaction.

“At first I was kind of like, meh, what kind of choice is that? Mel B? Scary Spice? Wasn’t she on Dancing with the Stars Who cares about the Spice Girls?”

Howard also mentioned that he talked to Howie about the choice, who said he didn’t know Mel B at all and had no idea what it would be like to work with her.

1 thought on “Howard Stern not impressed by Mel B”

  1. Folks, didn’t I predict this about a month ago. I told you guys that Howard was and indeed should be insulted to be paired with “mel B’. She is a diva without any of the prerequisites of a diva. The first one being some type of talent. The spice girls were a joke when they first came on the scene and are even a bigger joke now. Mel is not a has been but more a “never was”. She wishes she could qualify as a has been. It would take an electron microscope to see what it is inside of mel b that people confuse with talent. Being an answer to a trivial pursuit question is not a valid qualification nor a talent. I think they should fire mel b and take her salary and divide it up between howard and howie. They both have talent and are deserving of the money.


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