Howard Stern on Artie Lange’s possible return

“Artie had said I guess he wishes he was back on the show,” said Stern to co-host Robin Quivers Monday morning. “So that stirs up a whole big conversation that I don’t even know how to address.”

“But he hasn’t said that to you?” asked Quivers.

“No,”said Stern. “But I think he would if he could get a hold of me.”

“You never know with Artie. Artie appeared to me to be doing well when he was on heroin. I’ve been bamboozled like 50 million times by Artie. I’m not really good at reading the Artie tea leaves. I’m pretty gullible when it comes to Artie. Anyway we do love Artie and we’re happy to hear that he’s feeling better and that he can even do radio. I’m really pulling for him.”

2 thoughts on “Howard Stern on Artie Lange’s possible return”

  1. Who cares if he has lied about taking drugs? Seriously, all Howard should do is accept Artie’s statement that he is fine and let him back. Is it because he is worried he will kill himself? Howard obviously feels betrayed but why? The only thing he should care about is that he is not responsible for the suicide attempt and he is not responsible for any future Artie meltdowns. Just trust him and get the fuck on with the show. Rant over. Thank you.

  2. howie feels guilty for not doing anything when he could´ve, artie needs to move on and don´t return to that boring and unfunny show


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