Howard Stern on Artie's Suicide Attempt

Howard wasn’t sure what to say about this story in the paper about Artie (Stern sidekick in suicide try). He said he was hoping the story wouldn’t come out. He thought they were out of the woods with that because the family was able to keep it out of the news for so long.

Howard he doesn’t know what to think about all of this. He’s angry and sad and all over the place emotionally about it. He said he doesn’t know what kind of scumbag tells the story to the paper. He said the person was probably paid like 10 bucks to put the story out there. Howard said he’s not sure what to say about the whole thing. He said that it’s mind boggling what went down.

Howard said he doesn’t want to say the wrong thing about it or exacerbate the situation. Howard said it’s a family matter and he’s not sure what to say. He loves Artie and he wants people to remember how great the guy is. Howard said everyone has their demons to deal with… except Fred. Howard said they all have their demons including himself. Howard said Artie is wrestling with a lot of stuff and he only wishes him well.

Howard said he’s hesitating reading the story. He said he’s not sure what to do or what to say. Robin said they’re too close to the story to talk about it rationally.

Howard said that he’s not sure if he should read it or not but the story is out there now. He said maybe they should comment because everyone else is going to be commenting. Robin said that they’re going to get blamed for it of course.

Howard started to read the story from Page Six but cut himself off. He said he felt too weird reading it. Howard said he’s not going to talk about it. He didn’t know what to do in that situation. Howard said there’s nothing to do. Howard said his demons run deeper than he thought they did. Robin said everyone has demons and you never know what’s in their head. Howard said he knew what was going on and saw what people were saying on SternFanNetwork. He said that really upset him. He said it made him sick because he knew what was going on with Artie.

Howard said the reason he hired Artie is because Norm MacDonald had brought him in with him a couple of times and he was a fan of the show and he told some great stories. Howard said he was telling them reluctantly in a charming way. He said Artie would say he didn’t want to talk about it but then he’d tell these stories. He said he loved Norm but Artie was great when he’d come in with him. Howard said when Jackie left the show he had Artie come in and sit in the chair while all of these other comedians were coming in. Howard said Artie would sit in the chair and he didn’t feel he had to be ”on” every second. He liked that about him.

Howard said Artie wasn’t a writer like Jackie was so he would kind of sit there and chime in once in a while. Artie knew that he didn’t have to rain on the chemistry of the show. He said that he fit himself in that wasn’t obtrusive. He said that wasn’t easy for him either. Howard said he didn’t want this to sound like a eulogy because Artie is still alive.

Howard said Artie knew how to fit himself in on the show and that isn’t an easy thing to do. Robin said that they knew that Artie was incredible and he fit right in with them. Howard said he had great admiration for Artie’s talent and the way he fit in on the show. Howard said he never had to sit with him and tell him how the show worked. He said if you have to do that then the guy isn’t right for the show. Robin said most people needed some kind of guidance.

Howard said the only other guy who was like that was Jimmy Kimmel. He said he had his TV show going though so that wasn’t going to work. Howard said Artie had, had it with Hollywood so he wanted to be near his family and friends living in New Jersey. Howard said he was lucky that Artie was wiling to do the show. He said he was the lucky one to have Artie come in.

Howard said the people who were being so mean about Artie seem to have forgotten about how Great Artie is on the show. He said they’ve forgotten about all of the great moments.

Howard said it’s been very trying to remain loyal to Artie but he has done it. Howard said that some people don’t think it’s right that he wouldn’t show up for work and stuff but he had a real problem. Howard said he wishes Artie well but he hasn’t spoken to him. He said that Robin and Tim have spoken to him. Howard said he’s freaked out and doesn’t know what to do. He said if Artie wants to talk to him then he’ll call him. Robin said he’s not at that point yet. Howard said he’s sure Artie will be able to call at some point.

Howard said this is too much. He said his thoughts go to his mother and sister because this stuff is mind blowing. Howard said he’s been really down about it.

Howard said that they haven’t spoken much about it off the air because no one was sure who knew what. Howard said he’s told Artie what he thinks he needs to do and he has to let him do his thing. He said he’s a grown man and he has to do what he has to do. Robin said that they’re very close there and this kind of thing is very upsetting. Robin said she loves everyone she works with and it tears her heart out when someone is going through pain like this. Howard said the whole thing is a mess and he’s not sure what to do.

Robin said that they’ve had people call in and tell them that they’re heartless but they just don’t want to talk about it.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that Artie is the greatest thing to happen to the show. He said that when Jackie left the show it was a loss. He said he was a star. Robin and Howard said they can’t compare the two. The caller said he felt Artie was the greatest addition to the show but he’s had his ups and downs.

The caller said that he hasn’t read the article yet but he’s glad that Howard can set it straight. Howard said it’s really mind blowing to him and he can’t even bring himself to read it on the air. Howard said they’re like family and they don’t know what to say about it.

Another caller said that he appreciates the way he has handled this whole thing. Mariann from Brooklyn called in and said that she hopes and prays that Artie will get better. She said that she can’t believe what’s going on. She was sick to her stomach over it. She hopes that he can come back eventually and tell them that he’s doing well. Mariann said that she and Artie had this love hate thing going but she never expected this. She said she’s heart broken over it.

Howard said today might be sad day because Charlie Murphy is coming in and his wife just died a couple of weeks ago. He said that it wasn’t a great day today if you’re looking for an up kind of show. Howard said he’s been thinking about Artie since they got back from vacation and it’s been weird not talking about him. Robin said they were staying positive and it made her feel better. She said they were thinking of the good parts. Howard said it’s a miracle he’s alive. He wasn’t sure how well he was doing now. Robin said he’s doing well physically from what she knows.

Howard took a call from a woman who was crying over the article. She wondered if there was an address to send cards to. She was very upset and she loves Artie. Robin said they could send letters to them and they’ll get them to Artie. Howard said that’ll give Fafa Fooey something to do. Howard said it’s best if they don’t send them there because Gary’s head will explode.

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