Howard Stern on CBS The Early Show

After the break Howard came right back because they were getting close to going live with him. Howard had the audio from CBS up so he could hear what was going on. They listened to the people they had outside at CBS. They were talking to those people and doing the weather at the time.
Howard said he was feeling kind of uptight about this whole thing. He said that Steve Langford was in there for some reason and he wasn’t sure why.

Howard spent a minute talking to Steve and then Gary told him he was 35 seconds away from going live. Howard turned on his CBS feed again and heard Harry talking to him so they were live on CBS.

Harry talked to Howard about the Leno thing but Harry was having trouble hearing him. They got that fixed quickly. Howard told Harry he has never looked better even though he wasn’t seeing him live. Howard went on to say that he never does live shows like this. He said when they contacted him about Jay Leno he was very intrigued. Howard said when he hears Jay’s name it makes him want to vomit.

Harry asked what it is about Jay that makes him sick. Howard said that Jay pushed Johnny Carson out of his show in a merciless way and then David Letterman didn’t get the show when NBC passed him over for Jay. Howard said Dave went to CBS and did his thing. Jay Leno, on the other hand, won’t let go and he gets fired by NBC a couple of times. He said if he were a man he would go to another show.

Howard said Jay is a lap dog and he bombs at 10 o’clock at night. Harry was trying to say something but Howard cut him off and tried to finish his thoughts. Howard said that Jay stabbed Conan in the back and took the job back from him.

Harry said it was all about money and Jay has been successful at 11:30. NBC needs the money back and that’s why they’re doing this. Howard said Jay doesn’t need the money though. He said he’s a multi-millionaire many times over.

Howard said he never stood for anything lie that in his career. He said Jay should have dusted himself off and done his own show on another network.

Harry asked if it’s true that Howard predicted that Conan would not get the show. Howard said he did tell Conan that it wouldn’t’ happen. He said he knew that it wasn’t going to work. Howard told Harry that Jay is also a thief and that’s what gets his goat the most. Howard said he thinks that Dave is an original and he admitted when he lifted bits from his show. Jay doesn’t do that. Howard said that Jay rips stuff off and they don’t have an original thought in their heads there.

Harry asked Howard if he’s going back to free radio. Howard said he doesn’t miss that at all. Harry also asked if he would go on American Idol. Howard said he would do it if they offered him the $100 million. He said he would consider it and he’d have to be nuts not to take it. Howard and Harry had to wrap things up a short time later. Howard told them to stick with him the rest of the morning because they have nothing else to go to.

Howard heard Harry talking about Reba McIntyre and wondered if that’s why they had to rush him off. Robin told Howard he did a good job with that interview. Howard said he didn’t even get to say he loves it there at SIRIUS XM. They only had four minutes to talk so it was hard to get it all in there.

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