Howard Stern on Conservative Host Bob Grant

Howard Stern was live today, following his two-week vacation. The star opened the show by praising Bob Grant and bashing Rush Limbaugh. These latest comments come before the shock jock’s Birthday Bash. Don’t worry, we’ve got the latest ticket info as well.

Howard started out by talking about how influential Grant was to him. The broadcaster also expressed his frustration with mainstream conservative hosts:

“Bob was really a powerful guy. When Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity became big on Fox News, I was always surprised and angry that Bob didn’t make it. I’ll tell you how influential Bob is, because I remember at the end of each show he would say, ‘Get Gaddafi.’ As I got older, I realized that Bob was right, Gaddafi is a piece of s–t…I think Gaddafi may have f—ed his wife.”

“The best broadcaster I have ever heard is gone. Rest in peace, Bob. I’m such an a–hole…there was a couple of times over the years that Bob reached out to me…I’d write back and there was never a response…and it was so frustrating to me. I always considered him a mentor, even though I never worked with him…just from listening to him.”

Howard further discussed how influential Bob was on the whole family, including his father:

“It was so important to my father, that he took me to see Bob Grant. He was actually speaking at this temple…he started breaking into Yiddish…he knew to throw in these words…it was impressive to me. He knew how to play to a crowd.”

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