Howard Stern on Rush Limbaugh

Robin asked what’s up with Rush Limbaugh. Howard said he read that he was in Hawaii and that pissed him off. Howard said he apparently got sick out there. He said he was pissed that he was even in Hawaii and they should ban that dude from the state. Howard said he wishes he could do a show from Hawaii or Palm Beach like Rush does.

Howard said he saw that Rush was named the Radio Personality of the Decade by Media Week. Howard read about that and how people think Howard Stern should have been named that since he’s done so many things for radio. Howard read an article about Rush and argued about why he shouldn’t be the radio personality of the decade. Howard said he doesn’t have big ratings, he’s number 6 in mid-day ratings in New York. Howard said he’s on at 10am and he can’t beat guys who are on at that time of day. He said that’s just lame. He said they have to be kidding him about this title they gave that guy. Howard said he wants a recount.

Robin said she read that Rush isn’t doing his show this morning because he apparently needs more time. Howard said he’s another guy who needs more time off. Howard said he’s there doing his show in the morning and freezing his ass off.

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