Howard Stern Tops Forbes’ Highest-Paid TV Personality List

americas judgeWhat do Simon Cowell and Howard Stern both have in common? They’re both rich; that’s what and according to the latest figures, they’re both about $95 million richer than they were this time last year.

According to Forbes’ annual countdown of the ‘Highest-Paid TV Personalities,’ Cowell and Stern are joint top of this year’s list, earning $5 million short of $100,000,000 in the space of the last twelve months.

Stern has made his millions from his work on radio, although his time as a judge on America’s Got Talent reportedly earned him $15 million. He could have made it to the top of the chart had he succeeded in his lawsuit against Sirius XM.

The DJ claimed that the satellite radio company duped him out of $300 million; money he earned from reaching certain subscriber milestones, however he was unsuccessful in his case as Sirius claims that he only met these targets because of the company’s merger with XM.

Moving on with the list, at number three was right-wing Fox News preacher Glenn Beck, who has scored a reported $90 million in the past year through his TV work and his website, which charges people $100 to see videos of Beck doing what he does on TV.

Meanwhile, falling from first place last year, Oprah Winfrey was fourth in the list this time round, taking $77 million in earning over the last twelve months. With $72 million, Oprah’s daytime chat cohort Dr Phil McGraw finished off the top spot.

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