Howard Stern destroys Gamers (E-Sports)

Howard Stern, the King of All Media, doesn’t think highly of gamers. At least, he’s not optimistic about the contributions that those who attend gaming conventions will be able to make to society. That’s demonstrated quite well in the NSFW clip above from an episode of his Sirius XM show.

The show sent Wolfie, who is best known for attending events and interviewing people about all subjects — from Osama bin Laden’s death to a fake news story about dinosaurs being brought back (which some people actually believed and discussed) — to a recent gaming convention where he interviewed some of the people at the show. Although it’s never identified, the clips are presumably from last week’s TooManyGames 2011 convention in Philadelphia. The video above is the second part of the segment; part one can be seen here.

As you would expect, the interview clips that were played on Tuesday’s show resulted in an endless stream of insults, primarily from Stern himself. He mocks the people who are there to see the Angry Videogame Nerd and laughs at some of the clips which are, to be fair, fairly nonsensical (jump to around the 6:00 minute mark to get a taste of that).

Towards the end, regular guest and faux intern David Arquette called in to point out the hypocrisy in Stern’s statements, as Stern has spoken at great length about his love for chess in the past. “Here’s the difference,” Stern responded. “I have a job — I’m a guy who has a career, I’ve a life, I’ve got a wife. These f***ing guys are living in the basement with their parents. You can’t be gaming 24/7.” When Arquette mentioned that some people play games for a career, Stern said, “No. Not these guys. You heard these guys.”

Even if it puts down the hobby, I was entertained throughout, if only because I’m a Howard Stern Show fanatic. I’m sure gamers who aren’t fans won’t take too kindly to his treatment of these attendees

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