Howards lungs damaged by Polyurethane

Howard said he thinks he’s mentally ill. He said he’s neurotic. He went home and in his apartment building he heard loud noise in the lobby. He saw a guy at the elevator who had a big piece of equipment like a leaf blower. He said there was a wicked smell in the lobby. He said he got in the elevator and the wicked smell went right into his lungs and he felt like he was going to get lung cancer.

Howard said the guy in the lobby was wearing a mask. He said the door man just pointed to the ceiling as this guy was spraying this chemical. Howard said he got to his apartment and he was having shortness of breath and got dizzy. He said he felt like he was getting sick.

Howard said he called the door man and asked what was being sprayed down there. He said he didn’t know but they were breathing it in all day long. Howard said the guy was saying it was okay but had no idea what it was. Howard said he got a full dose of whatever it was he was spraying.

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