Iron Sheik responds to Randy Savage death

Howard said he read about Randy ”Macho Man” Savage died over the weekend. He said that the only guy who really knows the guy is Iron Sheik. He had Sheik on the phone to ask about that. Howard asked if he thought he’d outlive that guy. Sheik said he was a great performer but he was a ”cheap Jew.” Howard asked if he sabotaged his car. Sheik said he did not. Howard said sheik didn’t like Randy. Sheik said that they both bad mouthed each other but it was all an act. He said he feels very bad that he passed away.
Howard asked if he’s going to the funeral. Sheik said he’s not going but he would go if Howard bought him a ticket. Howard said he’s not sure why he would do that.

Howard asked Sheik about smoking pot with Randy. Sheik said they did that and they didn’t do anything else. Howard asked if that’s the best memory he has of him. Sheik said that they did have some good times.

Howard asked Sheik about these guys who smoke weed with him and they don’t buy their own. Sheik said back in the old days he would take care of them.

Howard asked what the best body part was on Randy. Sheik said he was in excellent shape. Howard said it’s weird when they die young like that. Howard said Sheik is older than him and you’d think that he would have gone before him. Sheik said he’s 70 and still surviving. He said that he’s in bad shape with his knee and his shoulder though.

Howard asked Sheik if he was happy that they killed Osama bin Laden. Sheik said that he did deserve to be punished. Howard said he thinks he agrees with what he said. He didn’t seem to understand what he said.

Howard gave Sheik some plugs for a wrestling match he has coming up soon in New Jersey. Sheik said they’ll be wrestling and he’ll wrap his knee. He said that you can book Sheik to make appearances at Howard let Sheik go a short time later. Howard said they learned that he liked Randy other than the fact that he was a ”cheap Jew.” Howard said that’s probably the best obituary he’s ever heard.

Howard and Robin talked about Randy’s death for a little longer. They talked about how he didn’t look like the same guy lately. Howard said he never would have bet that Sheik would outlive Randy. Howard said that it would be great if a fake fight broke out at the funeral. Howard said he thought Sheik didn’t like Savage but today it sounded like he did. Robin said he was very mellow today.

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