Rachel Maddow: Roger Ailes wanted to hire me at Fox News

In the month of May, for the first time ever, The Rachel Maddow Show was the most watched program on cable news. Maddow beat both CNN and Fox News in weekday primetime total viewers. Recently she appeared on The Howard Stern Show and spoke about POTUS Trump and her relationship with Fox News founder Roger Ailes.

Maddow disclosed that she was offered a job at Fox News by Ailes a few years ago.

“He once told me that he wanted to hire me at Fox and then he told me he would never put me on air. He would just hire me so no one else could put me on,” Maddow explained. “I was like, so, you’d pay me a full contract to not work?”

“Would you consider that?” Stern asked.

“Who would not consider that?” Maddow responded.

Stern reminisced about the days “Pre-Presidential” Donald Trump would come on the show. “That was Trump before all this presidential nonsense happened, this guy would come on and he was a famous billionaire. He would say the craziest stuff. He was the greatest guest of all time.”

“He was his most full self while being on with you,” Maddow said.

Howard continued, “Like he would come on and say: “Howard I don’t know why they talk about Hollywood actresses being nines and tens. They’re really sixes, and that you could go to a restaurant and see a waitress and they’re tens. You put those tens in those rooms with a Hollywood actress and they will leave because they’re sixes.”

Rachel Maddow went on to admit that her show is scripted. “Everything on the show is written, other than my interactions with guests.”

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