1 thought on “Rapping Granny”

  1. OK… um… Richard and Sal are no doubt two truly disturbed perverts… they are all of HOMO and none of EROTIC! Richard was TOTALLY ERECT when he pulled it out… and I honestly threw up in my mouth a little when I saw his little dick… but of course… could not stop watching their twisted antics… and what’s the whole deal with “spice boy” supposedly being so “good looking”?? WTF? HELL NO! What a disappointment seeing him was! I mean, he’s big… he obviously works out… but too bad he can’t work out that face! He’s got rodent face… and that big bald spot on the top of his head isn’t helping either… then there’s the two diamond ear rings… I didn’t thing guys STILL did that… how very WHAM of him… and the way he overcompensates by dropping his voice really low is laughable… No offense, butt… He seems like a big dumb closet redneck fudge packer… ya know… the type that thinks if he’s the one pitching he’s not gay…
    “I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want, So tell me what you want, what you really really want, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really really really wanna zigazig ha.”
    In the words of Tony Soprano… “He’s a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaag!”


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