Richard and Sal piss all over

Howard had Lisa G come in with her news preview. Lisa said they have some new about another bathroom incident. She said that one of the employees saw Richard and Sal crammed into a stall and Sal and Richard were peeing all over a seat in the stall. She said they were running into different stall and they ended up peeing on the seat. Howard said this is just wrong. He said they have to stop with that. Howard said they have one bathroom there and they can’t be pissing on the seat. Lisa said Sal claims he cleaned up the seat. Howard said that’s bullshit. He told Sal he’s being an asshole.

Sal came in and said that Richard came into the stall and nudged him so he had no choice. Sal said he goes to a toilet because he has to clean his foreskin and Richard came in and threw him off. He said it was odd that he had to share the stall with him at the time. Howard asked why they have to pee together. He said it’s gay.

Sal said he ran over to the big stall and Richard followed him. Howard said they have to stop this. Sal said he didn’t do it deliberately. Richard came in and said they didn’t do it deliberately. Richard said he likes being with Sal and they talk about stuff. Howard told Richard he’s fucked up.

Howard told Sal and Richard that they are not to pee together anymore. Sal said that’s not right. He said they enjoy doing that. Howard said he doesn’t care about their hijinks now. He said they have to stop acting like this and stop peeing on the seats. Richard said they cleaned the seats. He said it cleaned it up really good. Howard said they’re not cleaning it properly.

Sal told Howard that Richard threw some paper towels and threw them on Brian. Richard said he didn’t really do that. Sal said he did and insisted that he had.

Howard said they’re a scream but they have to stop it. Howard said he’s the one who has to be rational here and he’s the one who is supposed to be the wild man. Howard said they’re going too far and they don’t seem to be hearing him.

Richard asked if they can go to the bathroom and not being the same stall. Howard said he can go at the same time but not in the same stall.

Howard told Richard he’s fuckin’ nuts and he’s just a hillbilly. Richard said he knows that. Howard said he resents this because he’s supposed to be the crazy one and he has to be the sane one right now. Sal said they’re just making his crazy meter go higher. Howard told him to shut up because it’s just gross and they have to have respect for their fellow workers.

Howard said he doesn’t want them in the same stall. He said even gay lovers don’t piss together. Howard said they should go suck each other’s dicks instead. He said they have to stop living in this closeted life. Howard said no one is interested in their shtick. Richard said they weren’t doing it for anyone else. Richard said he did it to surprise Sal. Howard said it’s over now. He said they’re done pissing together.

Howard didn’t get why it was so funny to the guys. Sal said it wasn’t funny to him. Richard just likes to pee with him and they like to talk about stuff in there. Howard said they can take a minute break from talking to do that. He said he doesn’t even like pissing on the porcelain because he’s worried about other people. Howard said if he was from one of the other channels he’d beat the shit out of them if he knew what hey were up to. Howard said it’s ridiculous what they’re up to. He said they’re grown men.

Sal said that they’re not responsible for splattering crap on the toilet. He said they’ve never pissed on the seat before. Howard said that Mel Karmazin could be sitting on their pee. He said he might bring Mel down and see how he feels about that. Sal said that’s not cool. He said he knows that it’s wrong. Howard told them no more of that crap.

Howard said if he were Brian he would have punched Richard out until he was dead. They said that Brian actually laughed when he got hit with the wet toilet paper. Howard said they just go too far. He kicked them out of the studio saying that they were trying to be funny now.

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