Robin Quivers seeking TV Show

After 30 years of being Stern’s sidekick, the 58-year-old Quivers says in an interview she is ready to spread her wings.

“I love to do radio and television and I’ve always wanted my own television show, so I’ve been putting out feelers for those kinds of things,” she says. “[I could] express myself in ways that I don’t necessarily get to express myself on our show.”

There have been rumors of Quivers leaving the show in the past but this time it sounds like she is really ready to search out new opportunities. In fact, when asked if she would like to fill in the TV void left by Oprah’s absence, she said, “Let’s hope. It will be like a talk show, but with subjects that I’d be interested in. I think I have some interesting things to say and I don’t think anybody out there is saying them.”

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