Robin Quivers taking a beating on twitter

Q—-MontyDAztec….. which country are you in, pretending to run half a dozen miles for a marathon we all know you won’t partcipate in? go to afghanastan

Robin—- @MontyDAztec I’m in NYC about to go out and pretend.


Q–floydiannyc…. If fame was measured on a scale of 1-10 based on how engaging and interesting someone was, you’d be at around a 3.

Robin—-@floydiannyc…… but who asked u?

Q–byrnebv…… how much did this Clijsters sponsorship cost the 15 Foundation?

Robin—-@byrnebv……. don’t be ridiculous.


Q–MontyDAztec…… A crazy old lady once said the passengers on the planes were cowards – do you agree?

Robin—-@MontyDAztec……. I don’t know abt that old lady but I no longer feel that way. It was a time ofgreat emotion and anger.



Q— 4bardude—-how can u go on with life on being a dumb fucking cunt I hate u on howard stern go away

Q—HowardSternBot……how can u go on with life on being a dumb fucking cunt I hate u on howard stern go away

Robin—-@HowardSternBot….. have a beautiful day.
Robin—-@4bardude…… blessings on u. Horrible to walk around with such dark thoughts.


Q—slesh84….I would rather blow Richard after a long hard HIV ridden sweaty workout than hear your opinion on…anything. you really are putrid

Robin—-@slesh84….. pleasant thoughts lead to a pleasant life.


Q—-ctown31….you’re a cunt. of course you don’t want artie to come on the show. fucking bitch

Robin—-@ctown31…. sorry u are confused. Love artie. Want what’s best and would be most supportive. Just asked the question.

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5 thoughts on “Robin Quivers taking a beating on twitter”

  1. Robin is one of those rare celebrities who actually puts up the money she promised. NO phony boned in her, just many REALLY FUNNY ONES .

  2. What are the chances that Robin will read the news one day and not make a mistake?

    Slim and none.

    Yet she is so quick to point out mistakes in others. No wonder she is the least popular staff member on the HSS.


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