Sal tricked into crying

After the break Howard came back and said he had to get this big announcement over with. He was still doing this to goof on Sal. Howard told Gary to come in with Richard and Sal and some of the other guys. He wanted them to pretend to be upset when he announced he was going to leave. Howard said that this was going to be weird. He got everyone to come in. He thought he had enough people in there. Robin said Sal looked different without make up on.
Howard asked a couple of the guys what they thought was going to happen. They were pretending they didn’t know the news. Howard said this was very difficult to say. Sal said ”Uh oh…” Howard said that he and Mel had been talking to Mel about this whole thing and he was thinking about retiring. Howard said that he had a lot to think about. Sal sipped a drink in the middle of that so Howard had to ask him not to do that while he’s making this big announcement.

Howard asked Sal how his marriage is going but caught himself and didn’t get into that. Howard asked Sal if he has a contingency plan. Sal doesn’t even know what that means. He thought it meant a ”continuation.” Sal said he doesn’t have shit planned. He said that he’ll just go out and do something else. He said he’s willing to work for anyone but Leno or Imus.

Howard told the guys he had a contract in his hands and he almost signed it. He said that Robin has been working hard on her charity and he thought about his own life. He said he dreamt that he would be a professor or something some day. Howard said he was going to go on with the radio show or do something else. He said that the company didn’t want to change anything and he backed out of the deal. He said that he’s going to say that he’s going off into the sunset. Sal said ”Holy fuck…” Gary asked if it was their last show next week. Howard said it is.

Howard said he doesn’t know what to tell them but he’s sorry. Robin asked what he’s going to do. Howard said he’s going to sit home for a while. He’s going to do some limited TV stuff and learn to play chess. Howard said he’ll be down at the Marshall chess club just about every day. Sal broke down crying. Sal said that Howard has made his dreams come true but it’s bitter sweet. He doesn’t know what to do. He said that this has nothing to do with Howard. He said he’s grateful for what he’s done for them.

Howard said this is the part he can’t take. He said he loves Sal. Sal was in tears and said he knows he has to move on. Howard said he has to make a vow to everyone. He said that he hopes everyone will be okay but someone like Sal is so loyal. He said he would do anything for him and he should have stayed. He said he feels fucking awful. Sal said that it’s his fault for not planning financially.

Howard asked why he didn’t plan. Sal said that he just didn’t and he’s sorry. He said Howard has done more than enough for him and he can’t thank him enough for that. Sal said that this is about him.

Howard said he just can’t do it anymore. Howard said he was going to sign for all of them but it’s the end of the show. Sal was sobbing.

Howard said he’s crazed over this. Robin asked what happened to all of the other deals. Howard said he turned them all down. Sal said this was a dream come true working for the show. He said it was a one in a billion chance. He said that he gave him everything he could. Sal said it’s really bitter sweet. Howard asked if he thinks they’ll see each other again. Sal said he knows he won’t.

Howard said he’s going to make the next week together spectacular. He said he hopes it’s all good for everyone. Sal was crying like crazy saying that he has his boys and he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s going to do. Howard said he’s so sorry. Sal was barely able to speak from the crying.

Howard asked Sal if he was late today. Howard said that when you show up late you get goofed on. He told him that he’s signed on for 5 more years. Sal said he couldn’t believe this. He cheered right up and started laughing. Robin was crying and had him believing it was true. Robin said she was crying because Sal was crying. Sal started laughing his ass off telling Howard he should retire now.

George was crying too. Howard asked why he was crying. George said he knew the story but he felt his anguish. Howard said that Sal overslept because he was out drinking with Richard last night. Howard said he had to goof on him.

Tim said the best part was that he was upset about his 3 sons and never mentioned his wife Christine. Sal said ”Christine who?” Howard told Sal to come up with a plan in the next 5 years. Sal said he will.

Sal overslept through two alarms. Sal said he was drunk last night so he didn’t know his phone was on vibrate. Gary said that he almost cried because of Sal. JD said he was trying not to laugh. Richard said Ronnie was dying laughing. Howard said he saw the smile on Ronnie’s face.

Howard said Benjy was going to run out of the room screaming but he’s glad that he held off on that. He said it worked out just right.

Gary said it was like Howard bringing Sal into the future and Sal saw what it’s going to be like then. George said he could feel his pain when he was crying and saw how much he loves his sons. He said deep down in his heart he knew Howard would make this decision. Howard said it looked like a punch in the stomach to Sal. Howard said he’s glad he did that to him. He said he showed up late after going out and getting drunk. Sal said there was no celebration or anything. He said he stayed at a hotel last night and the phone never went off. Howard said he probably just slept through it.

Howard said that they’re together forever. He said it’ll be another 5 years. Robin said she has to hear this back.

Howard said he almost started crying when he thought about how he’s doing another 5 years. Howard said he’s there with Sal for another 5. Sal thanked him. The Howard TV guys put a shot of him crying up on the screen. Richard was consoling him in the video. Howard had them play it back so they could watch again.

Howard listened in to the audio where he told Sal he was goofing on him. They watched the video again and then moved on. Howard said Sal was crying again. Richard said he was just hung over. Howard asked if he was okay. Sal said he’s alright. Howard said punking Sal was better than the real announcement.

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  1. I’ve listened to this show for 20 years, and I am calling BS on this. Sal knew beforehand. It was a funny bit, but it ain’t real. And this is coming from someone who idolizes Howard, and who thinks that Sal Governale is one of the funniest guys on the planet right now. I just think this is not the great prank that it claims to be.


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