Sharon Osbourne quitting AGT

America’s Got talent, but it no longer has Sharon Osbourne … ’cause the AGT judge says she’s QUITTING the TV show for good.

Osbourne — who has been with “America’s Got Talent” since Season 2 — cryptically announced her exit from the show via Twitter on Tuesday, saying “My darling @howardstern, money is not the reason I’m not returning to @nbcagt, it’s because …”

6 thoughts on “Sharon Osbourne quitting AGT”

  1. it’s kind of cool how howard is joking – seems like he must have gentle personality off-air nobody but exclusive club gets to know. Would love to have a coffee and just hand out

  2. I remember when Howard use to say “That fucking Nick Cannon is so fucking annoying …How the fuck did this talentless ever get a career”.
    which is right ..tight on brother…Biotch

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  3. ICP what a fucking joke…white punks pleading to be black LOL

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  4. he has to play nice with others in that AGT staff that’s why he thinks Nick has alot of “talent”. It doesn’t take talent to ask others “how well do you think you did on that performance?”

    Personally, I don’t watch the show. I skipped through the first episode but it’s not for me since they DRAG OUT time


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