Show plugs and Miserable Men show cancelled

Howard said that everyone is pissing on this show. He said that when he was up in Hartford sucking dick to do his shows he didn’t envision this. Howard said the raping of the show is over. Howard said that he’s going to have one plug at the end of the show.

Howard said he’s getting fucked by a man who eats blue cheese out of women’s asses. Howard said that the show still means something to him and he’s going to stop this stuff. Howard said that he has to put a stop to this. He said he was sitting in his car listening to the plugs the other day and they just go on and on. Howard said that Bob is out of control. He said it’s like giving a guy 5 bucks and he asks for 500,000.

Howard asked Gary how Bob ended up getting all of those plugs. Gary said he thinks that Bob worked out some deal with Tim Sabean. Howard said if that’s the case then he’s going to cancel Miserable Men. Gary said that it’s going to be all about him if he has to deal with one of Bob’s meltdown. Gary said that Bob will hammer everyone there except for Howard.

Listen to it at the 6:50am minute  mark.

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