Star magazine claims America’s Got Talent judges “at each other’s throat”

Howard Stern is about to make his debut on “America’s Got Talent” but according to Star magazine, there’s trouble behind the scenes.

“Sources” for the tabloid claim Stern and fellow judge Howie Mandel are “at each other’s throat, feuding over the limelight.”

One supposed Star “source” explains, “Howie is a huge diva, and his feathers have been ruffled ever since Howard came into the picture.”

“Howie is irked at how Howard has taken over,” continues the “source,” adding, “Howard is greeted with rock star-like adulations at auditions, and it leaves Howie feeling unappreciated.”

The tab’s insider says Mandel is particularly miffed over the show being relocated to New York to accommodate Stern, and that he’s annoyed Stern “acts like he doesn’t even care about the show.”

According to the “source,” the “America’s Got Talent” set has “turned into a war zone.”

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