Stern Show’s Captain Janks prank calls during Colorado theater shooting coverage

A prankster who is a regular caller to shock-jock Howard Stern and calls himself Captain Janks fooled a TV journalist reporting on the Batman cinema gun rampage by posing as a police chief in a phone-in interview and raising the Colorado death toll to 15.

Janks, pretended to be police captain Dan Oates and told the anchorwoman on KUSA-TV that 15 people had died – one more than had earlier been reported.

“The 15th guy was furious because he was cut from America’s Got Talent. Howard Stern rejected him,” Janks said before TV producers realised that they were victims of a prank and cut him off.

Viewers Reaction: I was just watching the 9NEWS online from Colorado, and the anchor was all set to interview the police chief and when she started the guy turned out to be a Howard Stern Prankster…

There is just no shame…we really are in a cultural death spiral. And please don’t bore me with “small turd in a punch bowl ruins everything” rhetoric…

1 thought on “Stern Show’s Captain Janks prank calls during Colorado theater shooting coverage”

  1. You know…as long as these news outlets are more concerned with scooping their competition and not vetting the random calls they get when events like this happen, you’re going to always see the Captain Jank’s get through. It’s not like Howard Stern pays these guys to get on the air…they’re on their own. Stern loves putting these calls on his show to point out how little oversight these news channels have when it comes to ensuring the ‘experts’ they let get on air are who they say they are! Christ…a five year-old could Google the identity of a caller in ten seconds, so why can’t a producer for a network news program?!!


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