Report Finds Establishment Media Blatantly In Favor Of Establishment Candidate, Hillary Clinton.

hillary-clintonMedia bias in political coverage is hardly new.

This election appears to be have reached new levels of slanted coverage, one media watchdog says, with a report showing negative news coverage of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump outweighing positive coverage by an overwhelming 11-to-1 margin.

According to the report produced by the Media Research Center, during the evening news shows from July 29th through October 20th, roughly 91% of mentions of Donald Trump were in a negative context on the three major non-cable television networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC. Only 9% of news stories on Trump carried by those three networks were positive towards the Republican nominee.

While the three major TV networks dedicated more than 440 minutes covering Trump’s personal controversies, such as his tax returns and past statements on women, only 185 minutes worth of coverage were used to discuss Clinton’s personal issues, including her email scandal, Benghazi, the Iran deal, her health, arming jihadists, blatant lying, so on.

For example, while the three networks spent a combined 102 minutes digging into comments by Trump regarding women, only 24 minutes were given to news coverage of the ongoing Clinton Foundation scandals.

And despite an official FBI investigation into her use of a private internet server to handle classified government materials, the three TV networks spent just 40 minutes combined discussing the matter, less than half the time used covering Trump’s comments on women 11 years ago.

Voters’ perceptions of media bias in 2016 are closely related to their underlying opinions of Clinton and Trump.

Among voters who have a favorable opinion of Trump, 90% say that the media is biased in favor of Clinton. By contrast, nearly two-thirds of those who view Clinton favorably say the media is not biased toward either candidate, Gallup found.

Among independents and Democrats who perceive bias, large majorities also believe the bias favors Clinton, according to Gallup.

Stern fan pranks ABC after Empire State Building shooting

A Howard Stern fan called into ABC News stating that he was close by to the Empire State Building and saw the shooting take place:

“I was right in the front of the store with my friend Ronnie Mund and we all just heard the glass breaking…and a guy go down…and we all just started running right into the back.”

So what happened to the guy that went down? “Howard Stern came in and took him” said the fan as he was disconnected.

Howard Stern vs Jay Leno


Radio jock Howard Stern is accusing late-night host Jay Leno of stealing his skits, more specifically a skit involving NFL commentator Terry Bradshaw and a chicken that predicts football team winners for the week. “This must be a giant ‘Punk’d’ on me,” Stern said on his radio show, ‘The Howard Stern Show,” last week. “This guy’s ripped off, like, 10 major things from my show. But the chicken thing we did for years. Stern even sent a copy of his chicken skit to “The Jay Leno Show.” The Leno camp has yet to respond.