Howard Stern never heard of Alex Jones before?

Piers Morgan may not be the only hatchet man of the New World Order. Some mentions of Alex Jones on the Stern show over the years:

Alex Jones fan calls in. September 2010

Howard took a call from a guy who asked what his thoughts are on a one world government. Howard wasn’t sure what he meant. The caller said there’s a conspiracy that says the governments are united to suppress people. Howard said that’s not true. He said there are some that do like China. Howard said what they’re doing to their own people is just horrible. He said they rape their own people and don’t let them make a decent wage. He said it’s like slave labor. Howard went off on the Chinese government for a few minutes. He said that they’re a million times worse off now than they were in the past.

The caller asked if he’s familiar with the Alex Jones show. Howard didn’t know him. The caller said that guy talks about a one world government too. Howard said he should call that show then. Howard said he has met a lot of radio guys and they’re all nudniks. Howard let that caller go and said he wishes there were a one world government. Robin said ”Oh no…”

Charlie Sheen Discussions. February 2011

Howard came back and said that Charlie Sheen is the best radio guest ever. He said he heard him on this Alex Jones show and he had no idea what the show was. Howard said people were surprised that he didn’t know who he was. Howard said he’s never heard of the show. He mentioned he got a link to the Alex Jones show interview and that he Tweeted about how he didn’t know who Jones was and everyone was shocked he didn’t know the guy.

Howard said that he learned that Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist and he thinks that Glenn Beck ripped him off or something like that. Howard asked Robin if she heard any of this Alex Jones show audio. Robin said she didn’t hear any of it. Howard asked if she had ever even heard of him. Robin said she had not.

Piers Morgan Debate Recap. January 2013

Howard said he knows Piers Morgan is getting the shit beat out of him for not getting any ratings. Howard said Piers had a guy on his show last night who thinks that he should be deported for wanting gun control. Howard said Piers had the guy on and he was just fucking crazy. Howard told Robin to listen to this. He said it goes on for a while but they’ll listen to it.

Howard played the clip and Piers was talking to this guy who was going on and on about guns and how you can’t take them away. He said 1776 will happen all over again if they try to do that. The guy wouldn’t let Piers speak. Piers asked if he was finished. The guy said he was but then he started to ramble again. Piers asked him to calm down. He said he wanted to have a debate. Piers asked how many gun murders there were last year. The guy said there were over 11,000 and most of them were gang members. Piers asked how many gun murders there were in Britain. The guy said they were very low. Piers kept asking but the guy wouldn’t answer. Howard said that was pretty good, right. Robin said she’s with the guy who is arguing there. Howard said he likes that guy. He said he thinks that guy has a radio show. He seems to have some facts.

Howard said that was Alex Jones talking to Piers. Piers was asking about his conspiracy theory about the 9/11 towers being taken down. Piers asked if President Bush was behind it. Alex wouldn’t give him a straight answer. Howard said he must lose his voice at some point. He said the guy is out of his mind and he’s just yelling. Howard said he’s wild. He played that clip and Robin was cracking up at Jones speaking in his British accent.

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