Artie Lange tells Howard hes sorry “for being a lyin drug addict” in person

Artie was tweeting about his vacation in Paris this morning and about going to a Bruce Springsteen concert while there. He ended up posting a few interesting tweets about Howard Stern and a recent meeting they had:

“Recently got to Thank Howard for helping me live and said I’m sorry in person for being a lyin drug addict Can’t say where but he was great”

“Howard when you’re done with the taping I know great places for sushi in South Newark. Lol. Kick ass brother. Artie”

Possible studio appearance in November?

Artie Lange coming to TV on August 12th

The Nick and Artie Show gets a new studio, designed by the Man Caves show, a DIY Network program hosted by “licensed contractor” Jason Cameron and former NFL lineman Tony Siragusa that helps domesticated men turn a part of their homes into man-friendly hangouts.

Construction on that space finished two weeks ago, and The Nick & Artie Show is set to move in by the end of the month.

The new studio has all the trappings of a testosterone-laden man cave.

“They set it up so they have foosball games, a full kitchen, all this jazz,” said someone familiar with the studio’s design.

“It was an interesting deal,” said Mr. Peters. “[The space is] obviously a unique use, and that posed some unique challenges.”

The space will be used to both film and record Messrs. Lange and DiPaolo during their late-night show, which airs from 10 P.M. to 1 A.M.

They are going to launch the television part of the show on August 12th.

Artie at SiriusXM today

Tweets by Artie:

Saw Will Jason Teddy Hein Richard Richie Tracy Shuli Lisa Ralph Steve Scott Salem Mary Ann. Awesome

Literally saw everyone for the first time in two and a half years. Both emotional and great!

The most important guy I met at Sirius was my old buddy @highpitchmike Looked good Seemed Happy &Happy for him. Hope to see all u guys soon

HighPitchMike: FYI. Artie & I shared a big gay bear hug after this. 🙂 now i kinda got the hots 4 him.

Artie may appear on the Stern Show in November

Comedian Artie Lange has yet to do an in depth interview on his January 2010 suicide attempt but hopes to do so on the Howard Stern Show in November, when his book Crash and Burn is released.

“I think I’m at the place where I can do it. It would be a heavy thing,” says Lange about a hoped-for Stern visit. Fans have been waiting for Lange to appear on Stern’s show, and Artie says he and Stern wanted to make sure he was emotionally ready.

Sober since April 14, 2011, Lange says, “Toward the end it became so terrible trying to be f—– up 24/7.” His addiction led him to rehab after he tried to do himself in with a knife. His mother reportedly found him.

“I have a book coming out in November,” said Lange. “And obviously it’s going to cover a lot of crazy, crazy stuff. And I was told, possibly, when the book came out to come on, because it’s going to cover a lot of stuff that happened on the show. I mean, I would do it whenever they wanted, but I understand their apprehension and it’s not out of any bad feelings. It’s out of them being concerned for my health and anything that going back on that show might bring back up for me.”

Artie’s problems hit their peak last day on air

On the Nick and Artie this week Artie recounted his last day on the Stern show…

Caller: One more thing. Howard was on vacation, but before they went on vacation they were talking about you, about the last day you were there. What happened the last day you were there? They didn’t get into it…

Artie: It was horrifying. Listen; clearly I had some well publicized problems that hit their peak that day. I don’t remember much about it. Like Robins news, apparently I was there, but I don’t remember much of that, and they didn’t know what to do. They wanted to send me home and I wouldn’t go home. I’m mad I didn’t go home because they wanted me too and I really didn’t want to upset them anymore, because I love those guys, but the problem is, in my head, I love the fact that I stayed. Like, if my last day, I was on there 10 years and if my last day I didn’t make it through the show, I really would have been mad about that…
The last day was a little crazy, but I’m sad I upset them, but I’m happy, in a way, that I finished the show. If I didn’t finish that last show, as much of a slob as I look like, I’d…

Nick: You’d be incomplete.

Artie: That’s right. Do you think I look complete now?
-Props to SFN for the transcript.

Artie Lange on JKL (Jimmy Kimmel Interview)

Former Howard Stern sidekick and Hoboken comedian Artie Lange appeared last night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to promote his new sports radio show with fellow comedian Nick DiPaolo.

The two spoke about their so-called ignorance of sports and Lange’s recovery from drug addiction, which he spoke about in October on David Letterman.

“You look great,” said Kimmel.

“Do I really?” shot back Lange. “Because I’m looking at the monitor and I think you’re bullshitting.”

Lange spoke about how rehabilitation centers attempt to use board games to take addicts’ minds off drugs.

“They’re say to a crack head, ‘Hey, we know you’re a crack head, but do you wanna play Monopoly?’ And the crack head goes, ‘No, I don’t want to play Monopoly, I want to smoke crack.'” he joked.