Artie Lange’s new book titled Crash and Burn

Artie Lange talked about writing his second book, tentatively titled ‘Crash and Burn,’ during Thursday’s appearance on Joe Matarese’s ‘Fixing Joe’ podcast.

“It’s going to be called ‘Crash and Burn’ as of right now, and it’s going to be about—the crashing and the burning. That’s a working title. It’s going to have a lot of stories where I’m baring my soul a little bit. There’ll be some stuff from my teenage years and just stuff I remember, like there were kids I looked up to and I realize that my psyche was screwed up at an early age.”

“I feel like a new person. Ive never felt this good in my life. Never—mentally, physically—I mean, I could still use a few sit-ups at this point.”

Artie Lange Plotting HUGE Radio/TV Comeback in September

Sources with direct knowledge of the negotiations tell us Artie would team with his pal and fellow comedian Nick DiPaolo for the talk show.

We’re told the people behind “The Dan Patrick Show” are putting the deal together — and like Dan’s show … Artie and Nick’s would be nationally simulcast on DirecTV and Fox Sports Radio.

Artie hasn’t had a permanent home on the air since leaving Stern in January, 2010 — but when he guest hosted an FSR show last week … he said he definitely wants to come back to radio.

It’s not a done deal yet … but we’re told both sides are anxious to make it happen in time for a September premiere.

Stay tuned.

Artie Lange Returns to Radio!

It’s been more than a year and a half since Artie Lange, the ragged and randy comedian and sometime sidekick to Howard Stern, was last heard live on the radio, a streak that came to an end on Wednesday night. On a Fox Sports Radio program hosted by his friend and fellow comedian Nick DiPaolo (who in turn was filling in for Tony Bruno), Mr. Lange joined the show to take questions from listeners and riff on current events. According to a live blog of the program posted by Punchline magazine, discussion of the sad circumstances that kept Mr. Lange off the airwaves was not abundant, though Mr. Lange said he’s been getting sober at a rehabilitation facility in West Palm Beach, Fla., and Mr. DiPaolo introduced him to the show by joking, “You might have seen him on ‘Intervention.’”

The Web site The Comic’s Comic posts this audio segment from the broadcast, in which a caller asks Mr. Lange if he’s considering a return to “The Howard Stern Show.” Mr. Lange replied, “That would be the greatest thing ever, but listen, I was on the greatest show of all time for about nine years and I put them in a very awkward situation to say the least, so what am I going to do? But I love them all and they were great to me.”

‘I put them in a very awkward situation’

They Call Me Baba Booey paperback has new Artie chapter

Howard Stern Show producer Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate has released a paperback version of his autiobiography featuring a new chapter about his trip to Afghanistan with Artie Lange.

The additional chapter in Dell’Abate’s bestselling memoir ‘They Call Me Baba Booey,’ details his 2009 trip to entertain the troops along with Dave Attell, Nick DiPaolo, Jim Florentine and Lange, who was co-host of the Howard Stern Show at the time.

While the new chapter features some discussion of Dell’Abate’s pre-trip anxieties and how cool it felt to shoot a machine gun, what Howard Stern Show fans will likely be drawn to most are the details of Artie Lange’s airport breakdown and how it changed his relationship with Dell’Abate forever.

After the gang of comics missed their flight home after four days roughing it downwind from a literal pond of feces, and learned they would have to wait more than 24 hours for their next flight, Lange went ballistic. Dell’Abate recounts how Lange, who was struggling with heroin addiction, had somehow scored and ingested a handful of Valium at the airport, and then set off on a “mean addict” rant, accusing Dell’Abate of exploiting him by taking video of the trip.

“You piece-of-s**t c**ksucker!” he screamed. “You know what you are doing! I know what you are about! I don’t trust you! I should kick the s**t out of you right now!” (‘They Call Me Baba Booey, paperback, p. 289)

Lange and Dell’Abate spoke about the fight to some extent on the Howard Stern Show when they returned from the USO tour in 2009, but Booey never spoke on air about the way Lange’s behavior made him feel the way that he does in this new chapter.

“I looked at him a different way after that,” says Dell’Abate. “It was a turning point for me in how I thought he felt about me.”

Video of Artie vs Gary and some truth about the USO Trip:

Arite update from this morning

Howard took another call from a guy who said the article was great. He said he liked the picture of them all from like 20 years ago and Gary looked like he was a retarded person. Howard didn’t like the way the caller sounded and said he never hears this on other radio stations. The caller asked about the Artie comments and if he’s ever going to have him on the show. Howard said he is very confused about what went on with Artie and that he didn’t pick up on the signals. He said that he is a sensational talent and a good guy with a great heart. He said he didn’t realize the level of confusion until the last couple of months.

The caller said that he was in a trivia contest a couple of weeks before Artie was off the show. He said he sat in the green room with them for like 10 minutes.

Howard said people ask when he’s going to come back on and he can’t even process what went down with Artie. He said he just wants the guy to stay alive. Artie told him that he knew things were going to end bad for him and he didn’t understand that. He said that he throws his hands in the air and he’s not knowledgeable enough to handle Artie. He said he has a lot of people saying he should have him on but he’s not going to do it because he doesn’t know what to do.

Howard said that if someone knows what to do then have him on your show. The caller said he knows a lot of people who have killed themselves and you just don’t know what to do. Howard said he wants Artie on the show but he doesn’t know how to handle the situation. Robin said they don’t want to do anything that would adversely affect him. Howard said Artie is in a bad place and he even said that things were going to end badly. He said he would love to have the guy on the show. He doesn’t want to be looking over his shoulder making sure he’s still alive in there.

Howard said his heart goes out to him but his days with Artie are over. He said that he doesn’t know how to handle it because he’s just some dude doing a radio show. He said he didn’t pick up on it and didn’t know how bad things were. He thought Artie had it under control.

Fred said he thinks Howard is right and he’s handling this right. He said Artie obviously wanted off the show and he may have taken that big step thinking there was no other way to do it. He said he may have been trying to put Howard up against the wall before that.

Howard said he thinks he was put in the position of being the dad and it would have been a full time job handling the situation. Howard said it wasn’t like that until the end. He said Artie did tell them that it was going to end badly though so they should have seen it coming. He said he knows people want closure but this isn’t a TV show, it’s reality.