Up Close and Personal with Beetlejuice (Documentary)

Lester Green, better known as Beetlejuice on the Howard Stern Show was born June 2, 1968. Born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey, Beetlejuice became a frequent guest on The Howard Stern Show. In 2015, Beetlejuice was given the title of the Greatest Howard Stern Show Wack Packer of all time.

Beets father Chris, whose brother earned $20,000 a year working as a circus freak, tried to get Lester hired by the Ringling Brothers circus in 1975. His mother Laura vetoed the decision and decided to give Beet a proper education.

His parents divorced, his mother remarried a local evangelical preacher and radio host. They are still married.

This Is Beetle Episode 1 – Howard TV

In the premiere episode, a long-overdue trip to the dentist is in the cards for Beetlejuice and he is none-too-thrilled to be there. Afterwards, Beetle and his manager Bobby, go for a quick bite to eat that turns out to be anything but fast food. Soon Beetle and Bobby are in the kitchen cooking dinner for themselves!