Benjy Bronk interviews Beth Stern

beth__stern_oBeth Stern appeared on the Howard Stern Show Tuesday morning, and admitted to Benjy Bronk that she cheated on all of her previous boyfriends before she met Howard.

“I was sneaky about it,” Beth Stern. “It was about getting back at my boyfriend that wronged me.”

“She had good reason,” Howard Stern chimed in.

Benjy asked why she thought she was a cheater, and she said it was because she never felt satisfied with the relationship. “Each one of the relationships gave me reason to believe that it was not the right relationship for me,” she said. She wasn’t in a large number of relationships, though each one was a monogamous relationship. The day she met Howard was the day she ended her cheating days.

“Are you cheating on Howard right now with someone he doesn’t know about?” Bronk asked.

After a brief pause, Beth said, “Um, what?”

“No, I’m kidding around,” Bronk said. Beth says she was dating, but not in an exclusive relationship when she met Howard.

Howard and Beth have been together for 15 years, and she feels extremely fulfilled in her life today.

“I am so in love with Howard, and we have a beautiful life together. It’s love,” Beth Stern said. “We connect beautifully.”

Benjy Bronk Probed On Live Radio

Perez Hilton fingered another man live on the Howard Stern show this morning.

“Be careful! Be careful!” Benjy Bronk begged as Hilton prepared to insert his finger into his rectum.

Earlier this month, Bronk proposed a deal: If he couldn’t lose 37 pounds, he would allow himself to be anally probed by another man’s finger on the air. The fingering would last for no less than three minutes.

Well, Bronk was unable to lose the weight, and so Howard Stern invited Hilton to perform the proctological duties.

Benjy Bronk Makeover

Bronk sported dyed facial hair, jewelry and a noticeably slimmer body on Monday morning’s show, and credited Jordana for the improvements.

Jordana has been cultivating Bronk’s look since he publicly professed his love for her by hijacking a press conference last month, intended to feature Gloria Allred and a woman accusing Herman Cain of sexual harassment.

Benjy Bronk hijacks Herman Cain’s sex scandal conference

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The entire political press corps is waiting for Gloria Allred to introduce Herman Cain’s fourth accuser. But in the meantime, they are being treated to the rantings of Howard Stern’s producer Benjy Bronk.

You may remember, Bronk is the same guy who hijacked the press conference in which Anthony Weiner announced his resignation (Allred had a hand in that scandal too).

Bronk took the stage this afternoon to talk about someone named Elisa Jordana. It appears he is referring to the former keytarist for the band Cobra Starship.

Members of the press are not happy and have been imploring Bronk to get off the stage and leave their live mics alone for the past 10 minutes. Undeterred, Bronk broke out into Hebrew prayers and then started talking about Leave It To Beaver.

Bronk attempted to introduce Allred as she walked in, but she walked back out. Bronk refused to leave until the press “voted” whether he should stay. Finally, amid shouts and a unanimous “leave” vote, he left the room.