Benjy vs Lisa G

Could Lisa G be in love with Benjy? Annoyed with Benjy constantly trying to promote Elisa’s career, Lisa decides to confront Benjy and tries to explain to him how bad he’s coming off to the staff and fans.

Benjy strikes again: Benjy Bronk Disrupts Rep. Weiner Resignation Announcement

AUDIO: Howard 100 News Coverage

You knew this wasn’t going to end smoothly. With dozens of cameras broadcasting live on more than a half dozen networks Rep. Anthony Weiner announced he was leaving his seat in Congress following a sexting scandal.

Midway through his announcement — hard to call it a news conference since he took no questions — a writer and performer from the Howard Stern show, Benjy Bronk, did what performers on the Howard Stern show do: he interrupted the news conference, yelling mostly inaudible comments directed at Weiner — specifically about the parts of his body that have been at the center of this sordid story from the beginning. Also, his last name.

“We could hear the heckling and the disgusting things quite frankly that were yelled,” said MSNBC’s Tamron Hall. “And maybe this is why he had to end this at this point,” she added.

“A lot of anger in that room,” said Martha MacCallum, asking her Fox News audience, “Did you hear the heckling?” Only CNN zoomed out to Bronk during the live announcement. Fox News replayed some of the heckling a few minutes after its conclusion.

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