Benjy Bronk interviews Beth Stern

beth__stern_oBeth Stern appeared on the Howard Stern Show Tuesday morning, and admitted to Benjy Bronk that she cheated on all of her previous boyfriends before she met Howard.

“I was sneaky about it,” Beth Stern. “It was about getting back at my boyfriend that wronged me.”

“She had good reason,” Howard Stern chimed in.

Benjy asked why she thought she was a cheater, and she said it was because she never felt satisfied with the relationship. “Each one of the relationships gave me reason to believe that it was not the right relationship for me,” she said. She wasn’t in a large number of relationships, though each one was a monogamous relationship. The day she met Howard was the day she ended her cheating days.

“Are you cheating on Howard right now with someone he doesn’t know about?” Bronk asked.

After a brief pause, Beth said, “Um, what?”

“No, I’m kidding around,” Bronk said. Beth says she was dating, but not in an exclusive relationship when she met Howard.

Howard and Beth have been together for 15 years, and she feels extremely fulfilled in her life today.

“I am so in love with Howard, and we have a beautiful life together. It’s love,” Beth Stern said. “We connect beautifully.”

Beth Stern Makes Power Women List

Howard Stern’s wife Beth Stern made ET’s Power Women of New York list for her work as a philanthropist and animal rights activist, and she opened up to ET’s Rocsi Diaz about her passion for protecting animals.

“I’ve always been volunteering at animal shelters,” said Beth. “I’ve always loved animals … Now that I’m no longer modeling and I really don’t have to make money, I’m able to spend my entire time working with animals.”

“I think the people who do the most are the ones who expect an honor like that the least,” said Howard. “Beth just goes about doing her work.”

Beth Stern interview with OK Mag

Well, it seems like life in the Stern household is never dull. Howard Stern and Beth, who wed in 2008, have adopted four cats over the past four years from North Shore Animal League America.

But add that to the six they fostered recently? That’s a grand total of ten.

“The last romantic thing Howard did was I called and said ‘honey, there are six kittens that I want to foster,’” she tells me during NSALA’s adoption event as part of the Global Day of Discovery in the R Lounge at the pet-friendly Renaissance New York Times Square Hotel. “He said ‘yes, honey.’ That’s very romantic.”

Beth Stern PetsWith ten cats climbing around, how do they manage intimacy?

“Well, the kittens are tiny, so they’re in a separate area of the house,” she explains. “We have four cats that have full roam of the house. In that case, we have to kick everybody out and shut the doors [laughs]. You have to allow time to round them up, and then after we have our time together, I’ll immediately open the doors, so they all come running back in. [laughs]”

Thankfully, Howard has put out a plea to his listeners to find homes for the eight-week old kittens.

“Already we have some people who are interested, so I hope it will be a great thing that we can continue to do,” the animal advocate, who hosts Nat Geo Wild’s Spoiled Rotten Pets, says. “I’m enjoying fostering. It’s going to be hard letting them go, but it’s all part of the process.”

And how does Beth’s hubby feel about having a whole lot more mouths to feed?

“He’s incredible,” she gushes. “He loves animals. He shares the passion, but he knows that when it comes to the animals, that’s my life, that’s my happiness, that’s my everything, that’s my passion. He’s right there with me.”

As she nears age 41 this month, Beth has no regrets that she never had children with the celebrated SiriusXM radio host and America’s Got Talent judge.

“Oh, I never wanted to have children,” she says. “We don’t need children to complete us. I need pets in my life. I have friends with kids, but I don’t need a child to feel fulfilled.”

Beth Stern on ‘Spoiled Rotten Pets’

Beth Stern, hosts the new Nat Geo Wild show “Spoiled Rotten Pets.”

Beth and her husband, Howard Stern, feel the same way about their pets. “Women fall in love with their husbands when they see them as fathers,” she said. “When I see him with our pets, I fall in love with him even more.”

Howard gives her plenty of opportunities to fall more in love ever since Walter, the Sterns’ rescue cat, came into their lives. One revealing habit, Beth says, is that “you’ll walk by his office and he’s talking to someone. It’s usually Walter, sitting at his desk.

Beth Stern gets a new show ‘Spoiled Rotten Pets’ on National Geographic

There should be no shortage of potential profile subjects for this show: National Geographic has just ordered a new series called Spoiled Rotten Pets.

As the nicely self-explanatory title suggests, the series is about pet owners who go over the top when taking care of their animals. Examples from the series include terriers getting their own lavish “Bark Mitzvahs,” kittens taken to plush and extravagant cat spas and fawned-over ferrets dressed up for a ferret fashion show.

The series is hosted by Beth Stern (wife of Howard Stern), an animal advocate and host of the HGTV series Mom Caves. The six-episode series starts production in September.

Beth Stern hosts Posh Pets

Multi-million-dollar private jets, luxurious spa treatments and exorbitant shopping sprees? How far would you go for your pet? Posh Pets: Lifestyles of the Rich and Furry celebrates the outrageous ways some people pamper their furry family members.

Host Beth Stern introduces viewers to the lovable pets of her fellow HGTV stars along with America’s most pampered pets.

Beth Stern on TMZ

Concerns regarding Howard Stern‘s behavior as host on the family-friendly show America’s Got Talent are now being swatted down by none other than the vulgar radio shock-jock’s own wife, Beth Stern. The wife of the “King of All Media” insists that her husband has cleaned up his act, and is now “kid-friendly”, reports TMZ.