Howard Stern on Real Time with Bill Maher (2019)

Howard Stern did a remote broadcast from Los Angeles this month to commemorate SiriusXM’s new LA studio. While in LA Howard took the time to make an appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher. The video of the interview is posted above.

Stern and Maher talked about many topics including the differences between broadcasting on SiriusXM and HBO.

“You get away with shit that I can’t get away with, and that always pisses me off,” Maher said. “You don’t have a politically correct audience. This is a good audience, but sometimes I have to fight my way through that shit.”

Stern added, “From one broadcaster to another, I have to tell you it is very liberating. I’m not sitting there being monitored. It’s my own fantasy.”

What Stern fans thought of the appearance:

Howard took a call from a guy who said they have to move to Los Angeles. Howard said people did like the shows out there. Jimmy Kimmel said he has never had more requests for tickets than with Howard’s appearance. The caller said the Bill Maher thing was great too. Howard asked Jimmy about the ticket requests because he knows he doesn’t want it loaded with his family and industry people. Jimmy said he wants it filled with fans so they have a limit of 10 people they know.

Howard took a call from a guy who said he’s not saying it to be nice but he has such a great look going. He said he looks fantastic. He said he looked so relaxed and handsome on Bill Maher’s show. He said he had a genuine laugh and smile on the show and it was awesome. The caller thought Howard was so odd when he tried to show Bill physical affection.

Howard took a call from a guy who said he’s from North Carolina. The caller said he thinks the Bill Maher interview was the best he’s ever done. He said Howard was very calm, charming and funny. Stern said that’s because of Bill Maher. The caller said he was really impressed. Howard thanked him for that and let him go.

Bill Maher trashes the story of Noah’s Ark

Comedian Bill Maher hosted a ‘Real Time’ show on HBO on Friday that’s one for the big book. He spoke of the story of Noah’s Ark and called the biblical God a ‘psychotic mass murderer’ who also ‘drowns babies.’

Maher explains that he dislikes the story of Noah’s Ark because of it’s ‘implausibility’ and its ‘immorality’.

The controversial late night comedian points out that the story is about a man who at 900 years old decides to take two animals of every kind in the world, who conveniently happen to live within 5 miles of each other and load them onto a giant ship to save them from God as he destroys the world so that it may start anew.

Of course, Mill Maher is a comedian and not to be taken seriously.

Howard Stern’s Rant Against Bill Maher (9/11 Controversy)

A listener sent Howard a clip and it made him angry at Bill Maher all over again for taking a comment Howard made in an emotional reaction to 9/11 about bombing a Muslim country and used it deflect Maher’s own immediate reaction, which was that we have been cowardly; the terrorists were not cowards.

Maher, naturally, never directly talks about the comments he made.

When Howard finds out David Lee Roth is replacing him

Gary came in and interrupted saying that their mystery guest had showed up and wanted to come right into the studio. Howard wanted to do a set up and get his glasses on first. Artie wanted to guess who the big guest was. He thinks that it’s Bill Maher. Howard was thinking it was Richard Simmons or Pat Cooper. Gary told him that he shouldn’t be nervous and went out to bring the person in. It turned out to be David Lee Roth. Howard said this is good because he’s rumored to be replacing him when he leaves. Howard said he knew that something was happening today. Howard asked Dave how he was doing and talked about how he will be replacing him. David told Howard that he can’t ”replace” Howard Stern, he’ll just be taking over that spot. Dave told Howard that this is his first and last stop on the show before Christmas. Howard said that if Dave fails it’ll be great because it will drive even more people to satellite radio. Dave said that’s the good part about being friends with Howard, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Dave told Howard that his show won’t be the same type of show that Howard has been doing. He’s seen other talk shows around the country and most of them are scripted while Howard Stern is just being Howard Stern. He talked about his days touring around the country with Van Halen and Infinity is giving him freedom to do whatever he wants to do on his radio show. Howard said he heard that Dave will be making $4 million a year when he starts there. Dave said he doesn’t even need to do a show like that because he can make a lot more than that touring. He’s doing it because it’s been a dream of his to have a radio show like that for years.

Howard asked Dave how Infinity has been able to keep him hidden for so long. Dave told Howard that his father passed away a while a go and he ended up getting involved in the Emergency Medical Technician field for a couple of years. He’s still going out on calls at least once a week in New York City. He said he’s only been recognized 2 or 3 times out of all of the calls he’s been on. He works in the ‘hoods where he doesn’t get recognized all that well.

Howard told Dave about how he created this network of radio stations over years and years of hard work. He begged the company to syndicate his show to Philadelphia and they put up a fight for so long. Dave said that Howard has proven that the local deejay is a thing of the past. Howard told Dave that a local guy can be a force to be reckoned with though and a lot of guys are going to be gunning for him. Dave doesn’t seem to mind that and he’s looking forward to it. Howard asked Dave if it’s true that he was over at Jack FM practicing his show. Dave has a way of avoiding a question and won’t answer it directly so he ended up talking about Howard’s board and how he had it created for himself like a guitar player would have a guitar built for himself.

Dave said that he’s wanted to do this since he was a kid so he’s really looking forward to doing the show. He told Howard that he still sits down once a week and listens to records, one song at a time, just like he did when he was 10 years old. Howard told him that he may have to open up his private life to make for a good radio show and Dave is ready to do that. Howard said Dave has never really opened up before because no one knows what’s going on with his love live. He claims he’s heard that Dave is gay before but Dave thought he was just saying that himself, not hearing it from anyone. Dave said that he has banged many hot chicks that had 2 legs in their pants and people should know that already. Dave said that his show is not a comedy show. He’s not going to have a whole crew working with him but he will be taking over in markets like New York, Boston, Cleveland, West Palm Beach, Pittsburgh and Dallas. Gary said that Adam Carolla will be taking over in markets like L.A., San Diego and Portland among others and Jimmy Kimmel will be a consultant for his show.

Dave said that he’s actually shooting for the Rush Limbaugh audience, not even really for Howard’s audience. He’s thinking that he could end up in the same markets as Adam Carolla because they’ll have two different types of shows. Gary told Howard that they have this guy Rover who will be taking over in a few markets like Chicago, Detroit and Memphis. The whole Stern affiliate market is going to be split up with a bunch of these guys. Penn Gillette will also have a 1 hour show in some of the markets. Dave said he doesn’t care who follows him and isn’t even thinking about a Penn Gillette following him. Gary said that they have some tape of what David Lee Roth was doing over at Jack FM but it was actually comedian Billy Mira doing an impression of him.

Howard took a phone call from a guy who told Dave he was already going to change stations to Z-100 when he heard him on the show. Robin asked Howard if he would be a guest on Dave’s show. Howard said he would absolutely do that and Dave thought that would be great. Howard asked Dave what he thinks is going to happen with satellite radio. He had some round about answer about how it all depends on what the companies let their personalities do. Howard said that he needs the freedom to do what he wants on satellite radio and he just doesn’t have the freedom to do it on terrestrial radio anymore. Dave said he supports him on the freedom thing and appreciates the fact that he’s making that move. Howard told Dave that putting together that network of affiliates across the country was one of the greatest things he’s ever done in his life. He wished Dave luck with his show and offered to get up and walk out right now if Dave was ready to take over for him. Dave asked him what he’s been waiting for if that’s the case. Howard said he’s got a contract that he has to honor and he can’t just walk away. He asked Dave if he wanted to take over the show for the rest of the morning but Dave wasn’t interested.

Howard had Tom Chiusano come in to meet his new employee. He also asked Dave if he’s going to keep the studio the same way it is now. Dave said that he wants to lighten it up and have some windows in there. Tom came in and told Howard that they’re going to have Dave working in that studio and they will open it up so he has windows in there. Tom told Howard that he’s excited about the future and he can’t wait to work with him. Howard felt that Dave was being a bit odd with him this morning but Gary and Tom didn’t think that was the case, he was just letting Howard know that he was going to be his own man. Howard doesn’t understand how Tom can just give Dave his own studio to start off with since he had to work so hard to get one himself. Dave said he can do what Howard does so that’s why they’re giving him his own studio. They haven’t set up his whole staff yet so there were a lot of unanswered questions.

Howard took a phone call from a guy who said that he was hoping that Sammy Hagar would take over for Howard. Howard asked Dave if Sammy will take over for him if his show fails. Dave said ”absolutely.” The caller said that Imus has already been talking about how Infinity will have to come to him once David Lee and Adam Carolla’s shows fail. The guys goofed on Imus and pointed out that he’s got some really low ratings and couldn’t fill in for Howard or for Dave. Dave changed subjects and asked Robin about her upcoming TV show and if she was staying with Howard. She said she will be doing the radio show and the TV show at the same time. That’s coming up next fall for those who didn’t know.

Howard asked Artie for his thoughts on David taking over for them. Artie said he had no idea that Dave would be in that realm of taking over so he was a bit surprised. Dave said he thinks that it’s like a lateral move for him from rock star to radio show host. Howard took a call from Ralph who said that they all love Dave but just because he has been a great guest on the show doesn’t mean that he’ll make for a great host. Howard told Ralph that it’s all about Dave keeping people listening to his show. That’s what Ralph said that Howard is great at and that’s why so many people have been listening to his show for so long.

Howard said that maybe he is a little bitter about the industry not backing him up against the FCC and the religious right. He said they could have done it and fought them but the industry didn’t do it, they just caved in. Ralph led the guys into a political discussion about the President and how he isn’t doing this country any good with the FCC. The guys were debating a little bit but Howard told Dave he’ll have all the time in the world to do that stuff on his own show once that starts. He doesn’t know how Dave will do on his show but he predicts that he will do great when he moves to satellite himself. Howard said he’ll be happy once people start to make that move to satellite. He’s wishing everyone luck in their markets but Gary said that he doesn’t wish the guys luck down in Washington DC because the program director down there has been cutting off the show early to get their afternoon guys on instead.

Dave asked Howard about what happens when Howard says certain words on the air and if there’s a list of the stuff they can say and can’t say on the air. Howard told Dave he’s in for a big wake up call and explained to him how there’s a new guy in charge at the FCC and how he’s going to have to really watch himself once he starts his show. He also told Dave that the government is looking to fine individuals for their indecency complains and that law is in the works now. Howard said that they will have to bow down to the FCC and their ridiculous rules, there’s no question about it. He pointed out that Clear Channel’s profits dropped 21 percent recently and he’s so happy about that. Ralph said that all of the terrestrial radio companies are going to be losing money once people move to satellite. Ralph also told Dave that he’s got to watch himself because the FCC and the religious right will have to find another lightning rod to go after and make an example out of. He’s got to watch himself now.

Howard found out that all of these affiliates are going to be going to an all talk format. Tom told Howard that their new Free FM logo is referring to their talk format because every one is free to speak. That got everyone laughing because the jocks won’t be free to speak because the company has to keep everyone restrained so they don’t get fined by the FCC. Ralph told Tom that people get what they pay for… Tom told Ralph to stop because he was basically doing an ad for satellite. Howard said that if he wants him on his radio show, he thinks that the suits at the company won’t allow it and that will be the first time Dave will have to bow down to the company’s rules.

Howard gave Dave a plug for his show which will be starting up on January 3rd, 2006. Howard starts on satellite on January 9th. Gary had a whole list of what will be happening in each market and there are a lot of shows replacing Howard in all of those markets. Tom was looking kind of shaken up according to Howard and Dave. Tom told Howard that they’ve been together so long that it’s going to be quite a change. It’s like he’s losing his family. Howard thanked Dave for coming in and went to break.

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