Howard Stern Leak Reviled

jared foxx
Jared came in to confess: “So first off – the thing that I object to – I wasn’t being a rat. I was trying to protect Ronnie…I saw that there could be an HR issue…and wanted to make sure he didn’t bring the intern out.” Jared admitted that he thought the leak issue would blow over: “I thought the best was to deal with this – I was hoping it would just go away.”
Howard noted that Jared had vehemently denied the accusations last week – going so far as to yell at JD for suggesting that he was the rat. Jared said he’d tried his best to make up for it: “I did apologize to him.” Howard was shocked: “You are really good. You’re a good liar.” Robin was pissed: “I’m not gonna be able to trust another thing you say!”